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a push button that you press to activate the reset mechanism

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I wouldnt think of it as hitting the reset button," he said.
Unfortunately, no matter how hard British or American voters look or wish, there is no reset button.
Montreal, Ramadan 24, 1437, Jun 29, 2016, SPA -- Canada and Mexico hit the reset button Tuesday -- by removing major irritants in the relations between the two nations ahead of Wednesday's trilateral meeting with US President Barack Obama.
Returning home could help Medvescak hit the reset button - they've won their last four in front of their own fans - but Lokomotiv could prove a handful.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Scientists discovered what amounts to a molecular reset button for our internal body clock.
She's the one that literally brought the reset button to the Kremlin to re-establish those new relationships with Russia.
Meanwhile, Steve Morton, health improvement manager from Public Health England, said: "Over 17,000 people took part in Dry January in 2014 and many reported that taking a month-long break from alcohol acted as a reset button concerning their alcohol use for months afterwards, not only helping people to drink less per drinking day but also to drink less frequently.
Google says that after the encryption is done users can hit the factory reset button this makes the handset secure if you plan to resale.
OPA also features a reset button that can be pressed if the system is activated inadvertently, and can be installed in conjunction with Genie's Operator Protective Structure (OPS), a complementary system introduced in 2012.
That constant re-evaluation may necessitate hitting the reset button once in a while, after you take a fresh look at your processes and operation and see if what you've built and assumptions you've made in an earlier era still make sense moving forward.
And a reset button of sorts often can be found on some of the equipment in your panel: Some of the avionics can handle having the circuit breaker pulled or the avionics master cycled.
The reset button, located at eight o'clock, ends the time measurement - returning all the chronograph hands to zero.
Pushing the reset button on the CF-18 Hornet replacement project will not accomplish anything as long as the original set of requirements remains unchanged.
AFTER the Alfreton debacle, Wrexham needed to push the reset button.
Well, I think you hit a reset button for the fall campaign.