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Synonyms for force

Synonyms for force

power used to overcome resistance

effective means of influencing, compelling, or punishing

the strong effect exerted by one person or thing on another

the capacity to exert an influence

a group of people organized for a particular purpose

to cause (a person or thing) to act or move in spite of resistance

to compel by pressure or threats

to compel (another) to participate in or submit to a sexual act

Synonyms for force

a powerful effect or influence

an act of aggression (as one against a person who resists)

one possessing or exercising power or influence or authority

a group of people having the power of effective action

Related Words

(of a law) having legal validity

a putout of a base runner who is required to run

to cause to do through pressure or necessity, by physical, moral or intellectual means :"She forced him to take a job in the city"

urge or force (a person) to an action


Related Words

impose urgently, importunately, or inexorably

squeeze like a wedge into a tight space

force into or from an action or state, either physically or metaphorically


take by force


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If the reserve forces were to be used in combat, peacekeeping, and humanitarian assistance and disaster response, 'they will have official orders calling them for limited active duty, like we did with the Lanao del Norte Reserve Battalion during the Marawi siege,' Lorenzana said.
We are the most ready Reserve force in the history of the Navy.
The fiscal year 2012 National Defense Authorization Act changed the way the military can be used at home and authorized the secretary of defense to mobilize federal reserve forces to support major disaster relief and national emergencies.
A Highly Trained, Currently Qualified Reserve Force
This step is vital to ensuring the sustainability of a viable operational reserve force.
It is believed that up to 900 applicants are set to be trained initially as part of the overall reserve force.
The National Safety Agency was created in 1952 under control of the Prime Minister's Office, and when the Police Reserve Force became known as the SDF in 1954, the agency's name was changed to the Defense Agency.
The Army Reserve force is also the Army's major source of trained individual Soldiers for augmenting headquarters staffs and filling vacancies in Regular Army units.
In addition to total force personnel changes, the active force is assuming greater command and control responsibility for the reserve force.
She then explores how, in the years between 1880 and 1930, technologies such as electric belts, vibration devices, and magnetic collars came to be seen as capable of injecting energy directly into the body, providing it with even greater reserve force.
Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 203, a reserve force unit assigned to Reserve Carrier Air Wing 20, was deactivated on 30 June 2004 after more than 34 years of service.
During this latest rotation, the ships of the Ready Reserve Force will be among the ships moving millions of square feet of unit cargo, said Col.
Navy and Naval Reserve Force, was a first responder to the attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.
The Cape Texas is a Ready Reserve Force ship, owned and maintained by the Maritime Administration.
The reserve force would undertake duties which currently take up a large amount of regular garda time.