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Synonyms for resemble

be like


Synonyms for resemble

to be similar to, as in appearance

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The researchers targeted genes with sequences resembling those for the receptors that Ryba and Zucker found in 1999.
There was also a nice touch of the Feld humor in a storm sequence in which the women, resembling low-flying clouds, swept on with white veils over their heads, only to have the men snatch the veils off and don them like Red Baron scarves.
Sheriff's officials called off the weeklong effort after checking out a report telephoned in Wednesday by an Edwards Air Force Base worker who had seen a man resembling Aujay wandering along Avenue I at 120th Street East.
Our patented method of producing VITOSS Scaffold results in a unique porous structure closely resembling the structure of natural cancellous bone.
In Study for Woman Monument #3, 1976, a figure stands tall, the raised arms resembling a candelabra, but her frail body tapers to one leg.
coli also make proteins resembling Dps, Kolter and his colleagues speculated that they had found a common bacterial strategy to safeguard DNA.
PHOTO (1 -- 2 -- color) A reconstruction of the Kennewick Man, left, ended up resembling Patrick Stewart.
In a drawing from 1961, a dry-brushed wavy line resembling a mountain range progresses from the left near the top of the page but never completes the journey to the right-hand side; the empty page encroaches from three directions onto the fragile form.
Moreover, when treated with blood-depleting agents, the mice have trouble recovering, an impairment resembling the difficulties that many elderly people face after chemotherapy or surgery.
Considered a vulnerable species in the wild and resembling swine with long, flexible snouts, mountain tapirs live near water in grassy or wooded areas of the Andes in Colombia and Equador.
Operating by a logic in which structural and aesthetic functions go hand in hand, Nickell clusters them into formations resembling necklaces, chandeliers, bouquets, and windows of leaded glass, harnessing his materials' translucency, malleability, reflectivity, rigidity, and tensile strength.
By sifting through the hundreds of extra genes active in the taste cells, they found one, named TRI, that encodes a cell-surface protein somewhat resembling receptors for glutamate and pheromones, the odorless molecules that many mammals sense with their noses (SN: 3/14/98, p.
The ball is then thrust toward the basket, resembling a shot put toss more than an outside jumper.
Glass Conduits, 1999, by Rita McBride, also plays off its site: Glass ducts resembling old-fashioned pneumatic tubes appear to pierce the museum's floor and ceiling, as if attempting to forge a physical connection between the two levels.
Supporting this theory, the rod-shaped organelles look like bacteria, have their own small number of genes, and replicate by splitting in two in a manner closely resembling bacterial reproduction.