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Synonyms for resemble

be like


Synonyms for resemble

to be similar to, as in appearance

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His head was as bald as the polished surface of a cocoanut shell, which article it precisely resembled in smoothness and colour, while a long silvery beard swept almost to his girdle of bark.
Sometimes slipping them through the slits in his ears, he would seize his spear--which in length and slightness resembled a fishing-pole--and go stalking beneath the shadows of the neighbouring groves, as if about to give a hostile meeting to some cannibal knight.
But despite his eccentricities, Marheyo was a most paternal and warm-hearted old fellow, and in this particular not a little resembled his son Kory-Kory.
Here everybody was noisy, every voice was loud (excepting, perhaps, her mother's, which resembled the soft monotony of Lady Bertram's, only worn into fretfulness).
He was in a fairy kingdom where nothing resembled reality.
In the other end were two big knots that resembled eyes, and a place had been chopped away that might easily be mistaken for the horse's mouth.
As many of these people brought their families with them, their departure resembled a perfect emigration.
Toward the north, on the contrary, till where it was bounded by the "Sea of Storms," it resembled a liquid surface agitated by a storm, of which the hills and hollows formed a succession of waves suddenly congealed.
The branching bodies so closely resembled in general appearance certain nulliporae (a family of hard calcareous sea-plants), that in lately looking hastily over my collection I did not perceive the difference.
She was most like the picture of Lady Ranelagh: and, I have heard, more still to the famous dutchess of Mazarine; but most of all she resembled one whose image never can depart from my breast, and whom, if thou dost remember, thou hast then, my friend, an adequate idea of Sophia.
According to Dale Purves, director of the Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience at Duke University, the notes in "Jingle Bells" resemble patterns in excited talking, while the notes in "We Three Kings" resembled patterns in subdued talking.
The shorter second section, called the "Epilogue," began in a dense cloud of smoke, which eventually scattered to reveal two dancers who resembled miniatures of Michelson and Howard.
I think the naysayers remember when the Raiders played here and the stands at home games resembled Parisian streets during the riots if the rioters occasionally paused to do The Wave.
Virgin Gorda, "The Fat Virgin," named for its outcrop that resembled a reclining figure to Columbus, spans eight and half square miles and is the third largest in the family of British Virgin Islands.
The hazards of moving too quickly were demonstrated at the preview when the Future Systems + Anish Kapoor structure--which resembled a whale modelled from strawberry sorbet--exploded.