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Synonyms for resect

surgically remove a part of a structure or an organ

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With all due resect ladies and gentlemen of the jury, is this any way to treat the finest team in all of the Foothill League, and perhaps all of the region and maybe even the entire Southern Section?
Tenders are invited for Completion Of Incomplete Items Of Defects Rectification Work In Resect Of Work For Provn Of Otm Accn For Faculty Of Nbcp At Cme Under Ge Cme Kirkee
During the procedure, the gynecologist recognized that he had perforated the uterus and injured the bowel and called in a general surgeon to resect 5 cm of the bowel and repair the uterus.
7) In our case, because two intrathoracic lesions were ipsilateral, we decided to resect the S8 lesion as diagnostic therapy and at the same time resect S1 lesion to treat possible lung cancer.
Clive Bolton, Norwich Union director of annuity business, said: "Many customers will beneUt from these changes as we tailor quotes to better reSect their individual circumstances and lifestyle.
The PK[TM] Technology platform allows surgeons to perform a variety of procedures with a broad range of devices that cut, coagulate and seal to minimize blood loss and shorten procedure times PK Technology provide unique, pulsed, low-voltage RF energy to resect rapidly at low temperatures, virtually eliminating tissue charring.
Because 80% of patients with hepatoblastomas, including large tumors, have a good response to chemotherapy, the researchers recommended preoperative chemotherapy for tumors that are large or difficult to resect followed by evaluation and immediate transplantation as first surgery.
The EXIT procedure was performed to resect fetal cardiac tumor if it was located in the pericardial cavity or to ameliorate cardiac compression and bradycardia by pericardial effusion drainage.
Rock prefers an open abdominal approach, which allows him to safely resect the disease by mobilizing the rectovaginal space and the perirectal spaces.
I agreed to resect the mass, which was suspicious for an immature teratoma, and the patient recovered slowly.
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