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The other side of the same coin is that a 30-year-old airplane that hasn't been resealed but whose logs show evidence of leak fixes should be viewed somewhat warily in the pre-buy.
5%) teeth the FS was partially or totally lost and teeth were resealed at least once; in 162 (12.
to clarify that a resealed wine container in a motor vehicle is not an open container if the partially consumed bottle of wine is resealed and transported in the manner required by the bill.
Finally, repairs are under way at Emblem and Highland to correct drainage problems, and the asphalt parking lots at Rio Vista and Helmers are being resealed and restriped, Shaw said.
The package might need to be resealed for a controlled delivery, so inspectors must exercise caution.
Beitz envisions the day when the shells of eggs coming down a conveyor belt might be drilled open, injected with the enzyme (and perhaps with a pretreating enzyme) and resealed.
Unused product can be resealed and refrigerated for future meals.
After taking air samples, the team photographed the chamber, inserted temperature and humidity gauges and resealed the hole.
FiberScape is landscape lighting which benefits from no electricity or lamps at the fixtures, so they are safe and do not have to be relamped and resealed.
The remaining section to be resealed has polished aggregate and shows signs of early oxidisationThis is a 3 stage project.
After photographing the pit and sampling the air, the team resealed the hole.
Bitumen surface deteriorated and needs to be resealed.
5 kilometres between Keith and Bordertown will be resealed.
The off-ramp will be closed for a few nights towards the end of April as its resealed.
ACT Minister for Roads and Planning Mick Gentleman said the 2015-16 resealing programme would see approximately 232 lane kilometres of the ACT s road network resealed.