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The resealable ZipBox enables consumers to securely seal and reseal products, promoting freshness by limiting exposure to air and other contaminants," White says.
Additionally, these products are suitable for weigh scale applications, fruit and vegetable labeling, price marking, promotional labeling (peel-off coupons), enhancing product security, and keeping products fresh and convenient with resealable closure options.
The modular, flexible system comprises a Resealable Chip Interface allowing up to eight fluidic and eight electrical connections per chip 4-way linear connectors, and Mitos Pressure Pumps for pulseless, stable flow from 70 nl to 5 ml a minute, at pressures of up to 10 bar.
Zip-Pack plans to begin full production of its full line of resealable closures in early 2013.
I picked at the sticky resealable tab, prising it away from the bag with the care of a neurosurgeon operating on a Mafia godfather''s mother.
One significant change was a packaging switch to resealable gusseted pouches.
In comparison, Findus, which launched a resealable bagged frozen pasta range a month after its rival (rsp: [pounds sterling]2.
Packaging company Ball Corp (NYSE:BLL) reported on Monday that Coors Light plans to nationally launch Ball's 16-oz resealable silver bullet aluminium pint in Alumi-Tek bottles on 1 September, just in time for football season.
A MERSEYSIDE firm is behind the launch of the first ever resealable fizzy drink can in Britain.
The easiest ESD bags to use are the resealable ones.
If you're going on a long car journey, keep a few resealable sandwich bags in each of the car door pockets.
99 for an 80-count resealable tub refill bag, and $1.
EPS now stocks a full array of imprinted, resealable and Nultraviolet UV inihibitant bags in a variety of sizes for the protection and transfer of medication.
The proprietary pour spout features a quick flip hinge that keeps its resealable cap open in a fixed position and is angled to require minimal wrist action.
They are talking about soup packages too: the quart-size resealable boxes are "easy to live with.