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Synonyms for rescindable

capable of being rescinded or voided


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If a commercial sale is likely to go ahead anyway but timing is an issue, it might be an idea to use a rescindable contract, which should mean that a sale can complete after the change to the tax rate, but with the benefit of taper relief.
7) Dimock acknowledges, however, that pacifism "only had a tenuous and rescindable sway on Thoreau.
By the same token that anger as emotional experience is immanent to its performance in demeanor and interaction, so too anger is transactionally rescindable.
These sales are rescindable if the subagent left any impression in the buyer's mind that somehow his interests were being represented.
As of March 31, 2013, coverage on approximately 2,300 loans, representing total potential claim payments of approximately $170 million, that we had determined was rescindable, was affected by our decision to suspend such rescissions.
Even if currently effective, albeit in a weakened form, the regulations are still easily rescindable or further alterable.