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the selling of something purchased

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They make a great target for thieves as they fill their digs with more than pounds 3,000 worth of readily resaleable gizmos including TVs, DVD players, laptops and iPods, warns insurer Zurich.
By depositing a resaleable item such as a television or some video cassettes, the broker provides a loan no more than the resale value of the collateral.
That is the ultimate goal for the process industry - commoditised, resaleable processes that run on any infrastructure.
19) The ship was carrying fuel oil (a valuable and easily resaleable commodity), and was attacked four hours out of Singapore in the Malacca Strait.
And due to the specialized nature of the equipment, you may not have the expertise to assess what is reusable or resaleable.
The business also has a licensed recycling station to which traders and individuals can take their waste for sorting into compost, hardcore and other resaleable products.
ReturnBuy sells the retailer's merchandise that is resaleable but unable to be restocked on e-bay, Yahoo
Products are often exchangeable, returnable, alterable, resaleable by the customer, and often reusable by the customer.
It should be noted that the seven categories used by the UK government in Business Monitor SDA25[21] were deliberately not considered for the survey, mainly because they combine merchandise categories that are clearly different in terms of "crime risk": Business Monitor's category of "clothing and footwear stores", for example, includes clothing retailers selling garments which are eminently resaleable on the "black market", alongside footwear retailers who often only display one shoe per size and style, and who therefore represent an unattractive proposition to a potential thief.
She said: "People have the option whether to buy the spaces or not, but having the parking spaces adds to the resaleable value of your property.