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the selling of something purchased

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The resale volume in June was the highest since May 2013, SRX Property said.
Step-by-step guides to the timeshare resale process, educational videos, and articles are also available on the site.
The study, titled Shared Vacation Ownership: Resale Study 2013 Edition and commissioned by the educational foundation of the American Resort Development Association, reports that 80 percent of recent buyers surveyed who purchased timeshare on the secondary market were highly satisfied with their experience.
This exploratory study conducted in Taiwan and China aims to define and categorize consumer online resale behavior in order to provide a framework for further research.
Beyond resale of exports at commissaries, there are three situations in which exports are not eligible for tax benefits:
Some people don't realize they're in a resale shop until after they've looked at the clothing for a few minutes.
To address specific circumstances or locations where HUD identifies property flipping as a problem, the final rule authorizes that HUD may require the lender, for resales occurring between 91 days and 12 months, to obtain additional documentation to support the resale value if the resale price is 5 percent or greater than the lowest sales price of the property during the preceding 12 months (as evidenced by the contract of sale).
In the New York City Housing Partnership/HPD Homeownership Program, homebuyers, at the time of resale or refinancing, repay the subsidy, in accordance with program guidelines.
Commenting on Ontario's resale home markets versus new home markets, Medow says new construction is dependent on the state of the local resale market.
Holloway said he did not know why the average sales price of resale homes declined in some areas, notably east Palmdale - where the average price dropped 7 percent to $81,969 even as nearly 400 additional homes closed escrow.
These characteristics often include complementary functions such as logistic resale capability, services, or domain expertise within a specific technology or vertical market," Graham explains.
Montgomery continued that TEI was interested in not only advancing the use of the MTC's current form, but of expanding the model certificate to encompassing not only sales for resale but also (where appropriate) a State's machinery and equipment exemption as well as the sale of services for resale.
The Tax Court rejected the taxpayer's position, finding the IRS used the resale method (contained in its regulations) to compute the deficiency.
Resale Division Extends Standard Warranty to Demonstrate Commitment to Quality and Customer Service
com, and revealed that Disney Vacation Club points purchased directly from the developer in many cases can be sold on the resale market for up to 100% of the initial purchase price and in some cases, more.