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the selling of something purchased

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Kelley Blue Book, a vehicle valuation and information source for consumers and the automotive industry, has recognised the Subaru Impreza and WRX with the 2018 Best Resale Value in their respective categories.
com/resale) Annual Resale Report ,  which was released Tuesday, the major online resale company compared its user data to industry data over the past year to create the report, which covers shopping trends by demographic, the most popular purchases to buy second-hand and the future of retail and resale.
Brightstar Capital Partners has acquired a majority ownership of Global Resale, LLC in partnership with the company's founder and CEO, Jeff Zeigler, the company said.
The resale volume in June was the highest since May 2013, SRX Property said.
Adding a resale opportunity introduces a common value element to an otherwise private value auction (Haile 1999).
Resale price maintenance occurs when a supplier specifies the minimum resale price of its products further down the supply chain.
The study, titled Shared Vacation Ownership: Resale Study 2013 Edition and commissioned by the educational foundation of the American Resort Development Association, reports that 80 percent of recent buyers surveyed who purchased timeshare on the secondary market were highly satisfied with their experience.
September 2011 saw 3,747 closings of new and resale homes and condos for the Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue metro area.
The company chief executive officer, Jason Tremblay, said, 'Rapid Resale has a proven history in Canadian timeshare resales and a loyal customer base.
Given these options that were widely used by the Member States (15) the European picture of resale rights might be even more colourful than before the introduction of the Directive, even though this instrument of secondary European law aims at the harmonisation of the "disparities with regard to the existence of the resale right and its application by the Member States".
This exploratory study conducted in Taiwan and China aims to define and categorize consumer online resale behavior in order to provide a framework for further research.
Beyond resale of exports at commissaries, there are three situations in which exports are not eligible for tax benefits:
Similarly, there are targeted and nontargeted areas for resale properties.
European authors are calling for the generalisation of resale rights at the international level, that is, the right for authors to have a stake in the economic success of their work.
It's Too Good to be Threw resale shop located in San Antonio.