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Talking at the Res Publica Devomax event, he pointed out that Britain was the second most centralised country in Europe.
He aims, in other words, to overthrow the polity of the res publica and transform it into a completely monarchical regime under the guise or even the uncritical veracity of his particular sensitivity toward the--always existing of course--problems of the crowd and the alleged people's exploitation by the Senate.
Warsaw: Polish Academy of Sciences & Foundation Res Publica Multiethnica.
Interior--Marko Pomerants (Pro Patria and Res Publica Union)
I went back to the origins, Roman law, because Rome is the birthplace of the distinction between private and public law through the concept of res publica, and I tried to understand what happened to that distinction after the collapse of the Roman Empire.
A res publica litterarum thus continued well past the Reformation and European elites continued to communicate with each other to some extent across linguistic lines in the old lingua franca of Western Christendom.
Isamaa ja Res Publica Liit, "Intervjuu: Kaitseminister Jaak Aaviksoo vabadussamba kohta: "Kollektiivne onnelikuks tegemine pole ulim eesmark"".
But that conclusion fails to illuminate the fact that they imagined themselves to be great friends of something better than democracy: republicanism and its commitment to a politics committed to res publica, discovering and seeking the public good.
Most political parties backed the Yes campaign with one poster by the Res Publica Party promising "access to millions of sexier men" if they joined up.
The book examines the origins of the res publica to Roman law and analyzes the course of its development in monarchial continental Europe and England, as well as during the republican age that began with the American and French revolutions.
This logic points to a dilemma: Reparations aim to "restore victims' dignity and provide adequate material support" without patronizing them (Ernesto Verdeja, "Reparations in Democratic Transitions," Res Publica, forthcoming).
The new government was called a res publica, or "people's thing," and it was constructed in such a way as to prevent the accumulation of absolute power.
The literal translation is potentially more troubling since it may convey membership in the res publica litterarum to which she aspired.
A week after the election, two progressive religious groups, Pax Christi and Res Publica, joined the liberal Center for American Progress in releasing a poll conducted by Zogby International on moral issues.