res judicata

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a matter already settled in court

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claim to be class members, in the res judicata context, potential
The Court found, however, that as the matter in question was an internal disciplinary hearing and the proceedings were not therefore capable of being judicial in nature, res judicata could not apply and instigating further action against the employees was found to be fair when viewing the disciplinary process and fairness of the subsequent dismissals as a whole.
316) According to the court, the possibility that a subsequent court could determine that the claims were barred by res judicata "prevent[ed] the named plaintiffs' interests from being fully aligned with those of the class.
Chinese courts would unlikely grant res judicata effects to a decision
Latin for "the thing has been decided," the doctrine of res judicata performs one of the most important functions in the law.
If you received a family court judgment, you might be up against the legal doctrine of res judicata.
Subject to the invalidation process, arbitral awards made under the new Law acquire the force of res judicata and become enforceable.
Quiet Title and the Importance of Res Judicata post Bankruptcy
Collateral estoppel is a form of res judicata, Latin for "already judged," and the terms frequently overlap.
law, a judgment awarding statutory damages shall have res judicata effect on a defendant only as to those plaintiffs who individually
1) A classical common law doctrine, res judicata (RJ) is applied in the legal systems of England,' (2) the United States, (3) and Canada.
judgment given in one kingdom should be considered as res judicata in
In Res Judicata, the new installment of Cyril's adventures, he faces the shocking news that his mother's boyfriend is a deputy sheriff.
This decision has been giving the academics fits," Cabraser said, "because according to them--and I think they are probably right--the Seventh Circuit got it wrong with respect to the notion that a class certification decision can be res judicata.