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a painted or carved screen placed above and behind an altar or communion table


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To allow for more pews, Thomas Rogers reorientated the interior by 90[degrees] in 1781, rearranging the galleries and moving the Communion table and reredos into the northernmost aisle, so that the liturgical orientation became north-south, running through the centre of the portico.
The reredos and flanking panelling had been installed in 1911 and was a scholarly and appropriate classical design by the distinguished Arts and Crafts architect Detmar Blow, while the panelling between this and the choir stalls dated from 1678-79 and was the work of Cornelius Austin, who was also responsible for the present canopies above the Tudor stalls.
497; Findon reredos, 1867-68, Richard and Hilary Myers, William Morris Tiles: The tile Designs of Morris and his Fellow-Workers, Shepton Beauchamp, 1996, fig.
This will lead to a re-modelled chancel, where the high altar and an ornate carved wooden altar, or reredos, are situated.
1) In addition to its respectable, if evidently provincial, artistic qualities, the extreme rarity of its function, almost certainly the central component of a reredos for a chantry chapel or even the high altar of an important church, is reason enough for it to be better appreciated.
The alterations involve the reversal of the direction of worship from west to east, the construction of a new entrance from Herbert Road, and the erection of a mezzanine floor in the east chancel of the church, where the high altar with an ornate gilded reredos now stands.
Between 1824 and 1834, he built a new vestry and refurbished the sixteenth-century chancel with old oak carvings, (33) a seventeenth-century Venetian carved wood pulpit, (34) a Flemish reredos representing the Pieta and the twelve Apostles, (35) and with a Norman font, said to have been taken from the ruined church of St Auburn near Bridlington.
This year, Angela Wright, whose first large-scale wool work was installed at Wallspace in 2009, makes a remarkable impact on the reredos and high altar of the Cathedral.
Improvements include the conservation of a 17th Century Cosin reredos screen, the installation of a toilet with disabled access, a servery in the north aisle and a toilet in the choir vestry, new carpets to the nave, sanctuary and two vestries and, over the next few months, the repair of the Victorian wrought-iron gates to the churchyard and the installation of specially-designed wrought-iron gates to the porch at the south door to replace dilapidated wooden ones.
A wedyn tu cefn i'r allor mae'r reredos gyda cerfluniau, y reredos yw'r sgrin tu cefn i'r allor.
Travers, an architect, designer and Geddes's exact contemporary, was commissioned to supply a painted and gilded reredos at Laleham in memory of Belfour in November 1926 (removed in 1972); that February he submitted a report criticising the radical 1910 remodelling of the ancient church, whose 'unsightly disfigurement' he considered would be removed by Geddes's glass.
10 The cathedral features are aisle, altar, belfry, chancel, clerestory, nave, presbytery, pulpit, reredos and transept.
A Grade I 13th century church, outstanding for the quality of its surviving medieval fabric, including a 13th century arcade, three medieval roofs, the rare remains of a 14th century reredos and a 12th century tub font.