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a painted or carved screen placed above and behind an altar or communion table


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The article mentions an enigma about the reredos - namely what work of such magnificence is doing tucked away in a small country church.
But more distinctive are the examples of medieval stained glass on each side of the reredos that flank the altar.
The reredos in the north aisle of the church was painted by a artist who lived in Moseley, while the house beside the church gate was the home of the retired head of the Birmingham School of Art.
These talented artists had already worked on the chancel gates and reredos at Liverpool Cathedral.
From an aureole above the reredos of the Virgin's altar, her son dispatches the dove of the Holy Ghost.
The piece de resistance is the baroque altar reredos, embellished with gilded carvings, florid designs, statues of six saints, the main figure of infant Jesus.
In the reredos at the high altar are statues to Dr.
Only by looking closely do we discover an enormous reredos covered with small faces, a puzzle of triangular shapes fitted perfectly that ascend towards the surface of the deep dark place that we have left behind.
Besides comparing similar items made for other Dutch churches with the specific Haarlem additions such as the Ten Commandments panel in place of the former high altar's reredos painting, she ambitiously places her descriptions of objects and their liturgical uses in an analytical conceptual framework that is intended to carry the study of the artworks beyond mere categories of function or style into a world of deeper psychological, anthropological, and theological insight.
Warhol's astral divas--Marilyn, Liz, and Jackie--likewise memorialized as gridded screens, are transformed in this reredos, Lemieux's parochial confessional.
In the balcony area, LED washlights, PAR38 and theatrical PAR fixtures illuminate the bicentennial organ, the stained-glass rose window and the choir, respectively, while in the chancel, track-mounted PAR30 fixtures brighten the altar and chancel choir and PAR38 track heads make the reredos shine.
For decades, reredos altars, statuary, tabernacles, baptismal fonts, stations of the cross, and valuable historic lighting have been walking the tightrope of being insured or not insured.
Their buildings are often not so much churches as cinemas with ecclesiastical trappings or lecture halls with a reredos on the wall when normally there would be blackboard.
The building's civic genome originated in 2002 at Parry's Stirling Prize shortlisted 30 Finsbury Square, whose main facade (an inversion of Le Corbusier's Five Points) suggests a garden trellis, or reredos to the altar of its urban green, and something of the formal and public conviviality of Rafael Moneo's Murcia Town Hall annexe.
On August 15, 1626, the Fathers were still actively at work covering the whole of it, inside, with the interesting paintings, chiefly scenes of the New Testament: in the sanctuary, eight panels depicted scenes of Our Lady's life; the reredos of the altar had five panels, not counting the crucifix and image of Our Lady and Child, both these sculptured (de vulto); scenes of Our Lord's life were to be painted round the nave.