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He reread the letter adoringly, dwelling over her handwriting, loving each stroke of her pen, and in the end kissing her signature.
I had reread Bowen's adventures so often that I knew them almost by heart, and so now I knew that I was looking upon the last remnant of that ancient man-race--the Alus of a forgotten period--the speechless man of antiquity.
By adding a section on postmodernism, which rereads, in a retroactive movement of revision (1987, 292), the previous sections on modernism, decadence, avant-garde and kitsch, Calinescu produced in 1987 a new book.
2) NAIR: She rereads ``Vanity Fair'' every two years.
She first read the book at age 16, while attending boarding school, and has reread it every two years since.
In Mammon's Music, Blair Hoxby effectively interweaves two projects: he maps the emerging discourse of economics occasioned by the commercial revolution of seventeenth-century England, and he rereads the poetry of Milton and a few other contemporaries against the background of this discourse.
I also hope in this rereading of a Christian text to enter a "circle of the way" that also creatively rereads the Buddhist tradition.
From "What the Periwinkle Remember" by Marcia Douglas to "My Mother" by Jamaica Kincaid, some of the stories are funny; others satirical, some hair-raising, some absurd, and a few so deep they require rereads.
Rather, the essay rereads Yeats's poetry in such a compelling way as to lead me to reread Yeat's poetry, to fish out my copy of the Collected Poems in order to follow, page by page and line by line, the way in which "Nineteen Hundred and Nineteen" "plays upon historiographic desire--the desire to use temporal markers as a means for constructing order in the present--by c ontinually frustrating that desire, revealing that the old, particularly nationalist and imperialist modes for ordering time must be cast aside before new histories of Ireland may be articulated in this transitional period.
He rereads a book or two from his basket, and I make notes on his progress.
After each backup, Retrospect rereads the original files and compares them with the stored ones to verify that the backup was successful.
He not only rereads traditional sources such as chronicles, livres de raison, and contemporary biographies in a new light, but also considers some material from departmental archives as well as what he terms "objective sources," i.
His eye for detail and talent for creating intriguing characters, plus an animating spirit of eager curiosity, made ``Carve'' one of my personal favorite rereads.
During the data recording tests, the Sony AIT drives and AME cartridges exhibited below-average soft error rates (rewrites, rereads and ECC) that never exceeded 0.