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The existence of such a remarkable linkage between corrupt action and ultimate disgrace cannot be ascribed to simple coincidence; it must on the contrary be regarded as an instance of requital taking place in this world.
On the contrary, the remark by Pashukanis that receives the greatest emphasis addresses how the general principle of equivalent requital (historically stated by Aristotle among others) operates under the specific conditions of capitalist rule.
Nor will eye-for-an-eye requital or the Brotherhood's venomous spite.
Resentful of Gwen's short-list status for the prestigious Profundity Requital award--"the mini-Nobel" (74)--as well as his impending betrothal to Lady Demeter de Rougemount, "a celebrated knockout of limitless fortune and imperial blood" (79), Richard is reduced to insulting Gwen's tennis game: "You haven't got a backhand," he inveighs.
In such social conditions, if P petitions RA for a favor, P may display the social relations he has, show off his social resources, and allude to the requital he may offer to increase the possibility of RA's accepting the petition.
Fowler, 1982:163-180), but in an open-ended way so as to invite the reader to complete the gestalt of a narrative: the initiation and pursuit of a courtship and the prolonged agonies of frustration and doubtful requital leading to eventual rejection and disconsolate closure.
The Gift": Sometimes the recompense arrives/so far ahead of what you'll give/that you will fail to recognize/the reciprocity, the love//that circles in the universe:/this life a grace advanced, its knack/to meet requital with its cause--/the offering up, the giving back.
He claims that '[w]e are bearing witness to a second anti-Platonic requital, for contemporary "philosophy" is a sort of generalized sophistry, which incidentally is lacking neither in talent nor in grandeur.
The dreamer gave it to him, and "and in requital, the soldier said, 'Come you to hear news?
With the pattern of (deceptive) use of the sectarian card to silence critics of Mubarak's regime firmly taking shape, the US administration -- in requital -- has pulled their man closer.
This emphasis on requital, or the lack thereof, colors the resolution of the benevolence episode.
126) The dictionary defines retribution as "deserved punishment for evil done, or, sometimes, reward for good done; merited requital.
Sameer was named the Scripps National Spelling Bee Champion in the 16th round after correctly spelling the word "guerdon," which is defined as "something that one has earned or gained : a reward, recompense, or requital.
SDP lawmaker Kondo demanded investigations by an independent body to ensure fairness but Ishiba was reluctant to accept such a demand, saying, ''Given the requital outlay budget is used to gather intelligence, it would be impossible to disclose everything.
This proud one chose to try his strength against supreme Jove," said my guide, "wherefore he has such requital.