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Synonyms for requital

Synonyms for requital

a justly deserved penalty


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an act of requiting

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This is the third and final installment of "Revenge and Requital," and this installment concludes with the death of Philip Marsh.
There must be cause for just requital, or for the forfeiture of life, or else there would be nothing to be requited, and no reason for forfeiture, and therefore those two principles would be empty of content.
For instance, if a slight change in the maiden last name of a woman is necessitated on account of her marriage, or the B-form is submitted for new ID cards, all kinds of objections are raised by the officer in-charge to thwart the process until the applicant caves in to offer some amount of requital.
God has created the heavens and the earth in justice, and ultimately every soul shall receive the requital for its deeds, without any injustice"(Quran, 45:21-22).
Although the just requital for an injustice is an equivalent retribution, those who pardon and maintain righteousness are rewarded by God.
Attributing the fate of his own Pentheus to him, it further adds that he met his death at the hands of women, who pulled him to pieces in requital of his treatment of them.
The requital and reward of praying is equal in all parts of the mosque and Musalla' but praying in places that are not parts of the mosque and Musalla has not a reward equal to praying in the mosque and Musalla.
On the contrary, the remark by Pashukanis that receives the greatest emphasis addresses how the general principle of equivalent requital (historically stated by Aristotle among others) operates under the specific conditions of capitalist rule.
Nor will eye-for-an-eye requital or the Brotherhood's venomous spite.
Nothing Achilles does--the stunning brutality of his extended aristeia, fighting against the gods, defiling Hector's corpse, human sacrifice--can bring about adequate "payment" for the death of Patroclus, as his fantasy of a still more brutal, cannibalistic requital suggests (22.
Resentful of Gwen's short-list status for the prestigious Profundity Requital award--"the mini-Nobel" (74)--as well as his impending betrothal to Lady Demeter de Rougemount, "a celebrated knockout of limitless fortune and imperial blood" (79), Richard is reduced to insulting Gwen's tennis game: "You haven't got a backhand," he inveighs.
However, going back to justice in exchange among men in a state Aristotle says that it is by requital that the city holds together[78.
In such social conditions, if P petitions RA for a favor, P may display the social relations he has, show off his social resources, and allude to the requital he may offer to increase the possibility of RA's accepting the petition.
On the other hand, any commonsensible man, looking at the matter unsentimentally, must have felt a certain intellectual satisfaction in seeing him hanged, if it were only in requital of his preposterous miscalculation of possibilities.
Honour theorists" asserted a right "to administer proportional requital personally, precisely because they felt that the law offered no or no adequate means of redress for what men of honour took to be serious affronts against honour.