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an official form on which a request in made


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When cross-examined, the witness admitted that the NAB's prosecution department submitted requisition form in the apex court which was later returned, adding that the top court had directed for filing an application for obtaining the record.
During cross-examination, the witness admitted that the NAB's prosecution department had submitted a requisition form in the Supreme Court which was later returned.
Diagnostic accuracy of punch biopsy depends upon a number of factors such as choice of lesion, choice of site, technique of biopsy, propermention of history and clinical diagnosis in biopsy requisition form, proper tissue fixation and staining and adequate cooperation between dermatologist and pathologist.
Although somewhat variable among phlebotomy locations, the typical workflow at our outpatient draw sites is as follows: (1) the patient arrives, hands in the laboratory requisition form at the check-in desk, enters his or her name and arrival time into a log book, and waits to be called; (2) the phlebotomist enters the providers' orders into the laboratory information system, prints the specimen labels, and places the requisition form and specimen labels into the ready basket; (3) the phlebotomist calls the patient based on arrival time and draws the specimen according to standard venipuncture procedure; and (4) the patient leaves and the phlebotomist sends the specimen(s) to the appropriate laboratory for testing (Figure 1).
A reminder was placed on the electronic physician urine collection order and the urine requisition form.
The worksheet in Figure 1 is designed to update the part number, usage rate, and requisition quantity (cells B9:D13) on the Material Requisition Form using lookup values based on the item number and quantity input into cells C4 and C5.
In total, partnership with the local laboratories resulted in 26 new sites that accept the campaign lab requisition form.
Whether the vendor can provide customizable ask-at orders, client-branded requisition forms, and final reports, which enhance the client's business and reduce manual workload as well as potential error.
Requiring a physician's or NPP's signature on requisitions would have reversed a long-standing CMS policy that requires documentation in the patient's record that the treating physician ordered the test, but does not require a separate signature on the lab's requisition form.
Instead of having to make a doctor's appointment, we send you a prepared requisition form and list of drawing stations in your area where you can go at your convenience.
Above all these, a requisition form for processing of the biopsy specimen, with all the relevant details about that case should accompany the tissue sample.
Accordingly, DL worker A fills out a Materials Requisition Form (see Figure 3), asking for wood and glass, and presents it to the RM Warehouse Storekeeper.
We're filling out a requisition form for what we need, like gowns, medicines; in case we get a case," the official said, adding they fully expect the guidelines to be finalised on Thursday.
There are step-by-step instructions for completing and submitting an online DD 1348-6 requisition form.
Figure 12-1 Storeroom requisition form Storeroom Requisition Charge to kitchen Date: October 23, 20 Unit Extension Quantity Unit Item Price Price 6 #10 cans Sliced Apples $3.