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Synonyms for requisite

Synonyms for requisite

incapable of being dispensed with

imposed on one by authority, command, or convention

Synonyms for requisite

necessary for relief or supply

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According to agreement they were fitted out with horses, traps, ammunition, and everything requisite for their undertaking, and were to bring in all the peltries they should collect, either to this trading post, or to the establishment at the mouth of Columbia River.
Also, how do we know that the twin requisites have been satisfied?
Five tenders for the supply of (a) Bacteria Laboratory Requisites, (b) heart catheterization requisites, (c) fabrics & fixture, (d) Emergency Laboratory Requisites, also (e) cleansers & cleaning requisites.
Member of the Committee Senator Zahid Khan of ANP, who came to attend meeting of the Committee, here in parliament house, while taking to reporter said that according to the rules of Committees, Chairman or Secretary of Committee, cannot cancel the meeting until unless those members who requisites the meeting not agreed for the cancellation.
Infobank also will offer customers immediate access to catalogues in Requisites eLeader program to speed up the implementation process.
What do they say about the first three desirable requisites of real estate?
As was found in this case, unless all of the statutory requisites are demonstrated by the claimant (each of which must be established by the preponderance of the evidence), the succession claim must and will be denied.
com/research/071b5c/the_2011_import_an) has announced the addition of the "The 2011 Import and Export Market for Candles, Matches, Pyrophoric Alloys, Articles of Combustible Materials, and Smokers' Requisites in the United Kingdom" report to their offering.
Four tenders for the supply of (a) maternity & birth giving requisites, (b) general purpose medical requisites, (c) ophthalmic treatment & surgery requisites, also (d) requisites for blood gases measuring instruments.
Seven tenders for the supply of (a) requisites and disinfectants for the infection abatement, (b) kits and chemicals for the Chemical laboratory, (c) same but for the joint laboratory I, (d) same but for the joint laboratory II, (e) medical requisites for the warehouses, (f) requisites and kits for the Chest Hospital, also (g) kits and requisites for the Fever Hospital.
Six tenders for the supply of (a) different medical requisites, (b) requisites and operating chemicals for surgical and patients care instruments, (c) catheters and colestom bags, (d) syringes, also anesthetic & intensive care requisites, (e) surgical sutures and liver transplant requisites, also (f) imported medicines for injection.
Supply of different medical requisites in three lots for the different hospital divisions including (a) requisites for the general surgery divisions, surgical sutures, sterilizing requisites and detergents, (b) general purpose and urological requisites, also (c) x - ray and ophthalmic requisites, also heart and care requisites.