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Synonyms for requisite

Synonyms for requisite

incapable of being dispensed with

imposed on one by authority, command, or convention

Synonyms for requisite

necessary for relief or supply

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And his eyesight must be good," continued the lady, deeply intent on providing well for her journey; "we may ride late in the evening, and it is particularly requisite that he have good eyes.
It appears to me by its rocky and barren character to offer all the conditions requisite for our experiment.
Member of the Committee Senator Zahid Khan of ANP, who came to attend meeting of the Committee, here in parliament house, while taking to reporter said that according to the rules of Committees, Chairman or Secretary of Committee, cannot cancel the meeting until unless those members who requisites the meeting not agreed for the cancellation.
ISLAMABAD -- Member of Senate Standing Committee on Religious Affairs, Senator Zahid Khan on Monday said that the Chairman of the Committee Moulana Hamadullah and Secretary of the Committee can not cancelled the requisite meeting of the Committee and demanded the suspension of Secretary.
Zahid Khan said he himself, Senator Zahida Khan and Baz Muhammad Khan requisite the meeting of Religious Affairs Committee meeting to discuss the corruption in sailing of Hajj forms and tour operators issues in the Committee.
Infobank also will offer customers immediate access to catalogues in Requisites eLeader program to speed up the implementation process.
What do they say about the first three desirable requisites of real estate?
As was found in this case, unless all of the statutory requisites are demonstrated by the claimant (each of which must be established by the preponderance of the evidence), the succession claim must and will be denied.
In addition to the requisite period of co-occupancy, the party alleging an entitlement to succeed must also prove both emotional and financial commitment and interdependence with the departed tenant.
That requisite element having not been established, the Court awarded a final judgment of possession to the owner.
com/research/071b5c/the_2011_import_an) has announced the addition of the "The 2011 Import and Export Market for Candles, Matches, Pyrophoric Alloys, Articles of Combustible Materials, and Smokers' Requisites in the United Kingdom" report to their offering.
On the demand side, exporters and strategic planners focusing on candles, matches, pyrophoric alloys, articles of combustible materials, and smokers requisites in the United Kingdom face a number of questions.
This report was created for strategic planners, international marketing executives and import/export managers who are concerned with the market for candles, matches, pyrophoric alloys, articles of combustible materials, and smokers requisites in the United Kingdom.
The Sonomax Solution(R) is designed to deliver both requisites into every earplug, which is just fabulous.
It has become clear to us in discussion with Audi-Lab that they understand the selling environment and are not only structured, but also committed, to delivering the requisite service to their clients.