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Synonyms for requisite

Synonyms for requisite

incapable of being dispensed with

imposed on one by authority, command, or convention

Synonyms for requisite

necessary for relief or supply

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For the purpose, CPPA-G is required to submit the requisite details by 3rd of each month and thereafter a hearing is conducted subsequent to which necessary adjustments in the reference tariff are made.
ISLAMABAD -- Member of Senate Standing Committee on Religious Affairs, Senator Zahid Khan on Monday said that the Chairman of the Committee Moulana Hamadullah and Secretary of the Committee can not cancelled the requisite meeting of the Committee and demanded the suspension of Secretary.
First, there is the requisite upping of the ante, perfectly in keeping with the heightened expectations that come with this new territory, and then there is a deflation, also requisite.
Chuck Price, an experienced engineering executive at two Denver-area e-commerce companies, joins Requisite May 1.
She heads back to San Francisco to an unhappy marriage and the requisite crisis-riddled hospital practice - and discovers her fling has relocated to San Francisco.
If a testator bequeaths a residence outright to a beneficiary and the beneficiary uses the residence as a principal residence for the requisite period, the beneficiary will be entitled to the gain exclusion under Sec.
Remedy Corp and Requisite Technology have teamed up to deliver e-procurement systems with e-content management.
In addition to the requisite period of co-occupancy, the party alleging an entitlement to succeed must also prove both emotional and financial commitment and interdependence with the departed tenant.
There's also the requisite troubled trek to each tribe's base camp, with the usual grousing about teammates, and the requisite ineptitude in starting the fire, even though the groups have been given a magnifying glass.
Sales of the former are excepted from unrelated business income tax (UBIT) as functionally related activities; the latter lack the requisite educational impact.
Invensys Controls selected Requisite Software to provide a master data management solution that will allow Invensys to categorize, cleanse and enhance data, enabling improved search and compare capabilities.
Requisite Technology's eCommerce Suite - Small Business Edition is available in two different "packages", each designed to meet specific challenges faced by small businesses.
Golden Lines on the other hand brings in around 220,000 active broadband subscribers, a license to enter the local telephony market along with the requisite infrastructure and tremendous cross-selling potential (the company's value-added offering such as anti-spam and anti-virus software, etc.
BPI has recruited an exceptional technical group with the requisite skills and experience to analyze the company's CBM assets and then apply the appropriate solutions to maximize results.