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It is in the fifth, sixth, and seventh books that Plato reaches the "summit of speculation," and these, although they fail to satisfy the requirements of a modern thinker, may therefore be regarded as the most important, as they are also the most original, portions of the work.
Though Alexey Alexandrovitch was perfectly aware that he could not exert any moral influence over his wife, that such an attempt at reformation could lead to nothing but falsity; though in passing through these difficult moments he had not once thought of seeking guidance in religion, yet now, when his conclusion corresponded, as it seemed to him, with the requirements of religion, this religious sanction to his decision gave him complete satisfaction, and to some extent restored his peace of mind.
Of course, if you were really in love with her, if she were your mate, and all that sort of thing, you would take a pleasure in making yourself over to suit her requirements.
Moss; but to all his requirements of household economy she was submissive to the point of denying herself the cheapest indulgences of mere flavor; her only rebellion was to smuggle into the kitchen something that would make rather a better supper than usual for Tom.
It must balance schedule and performance information while allowing some leeway for expansion of the initial requirement.
However, as image storage technologies gained acceptance, a new requirement emerged.
The COI requirement for tax-free reorganizations is set forth in Regs.
But those who pass the exam after January 1, 2012, must complete the 150-hour education requirement to be eligible.
collateral requirements should be one of many steps the industry takes to modernize reinsurance regulation to achieve open global markets on fair terms.
The model regulation provided uniform regulatory requirements for securement of all cargo on highway transportation vehicles.
Ten teams told GAO investigators that parts of the requirement were difficult to interpret and, therefore, to implement; half reported that meeting the requirement "can undermine the integration of prevention programs.
In taking this action, California becomes one of 23 states that already have adopted a registration requirement for out-of-state CPAs providing services to their residents.
As such, every SLA performance requirement must be analyzed, and validated to ensure that it is meaningful, cost-effective, and that they add to improving overall performance.
However, the notice on the GAO's Web site does say that audit organizations whose 2-year period for CPE compliance is for calendar years 2003 and 2004, that CPE taken in taxation during 2003 would generally count toward the 80-hour requirement.
Staff has already worked with the industry and the voluntary standards organization ASTM to develop a leg opening performance requirement that would help prevent underwater entrapment.
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