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a course that all students are required to take

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More importantly, when online discussions are the pedagogical approach utilized for the development of critical thinking skills, lack of computer or Internet access at home is a serious disadvantage in efforts to develop the required course skills.
Balch, president and executive director of the association, which is issuing the report today, said the demise of the required course ``has placed America in danger of losing the common frame of reference that for many generations has sustained our liberal, democratic society.
The use of studentFLUENT in a required course is vital in that it represents a modernization to the VT ME curriculum; we believe this modernization will help our students gain fundamental knowledge and increased skills.
This is a required course for Elementary, Early Childhood, Secondary English, Foreign Language, and Special Education majors.
While the on campus delivery of courses is the preferred format for behaviorally oriented classes, the author utilized WebCT to deliver a very experientially based, required course in the MBA program.
The program includes Fundamentals of Financial Management; How to Deal Effectively with Tenants; Supervisory Skills for Managing Residential and Cooperative Properties; Landlord/Tenant Law; Complying with NYC Local Laws; Management and Operations of Building Systems; and the required course, Business Ethics for Property Managers.
Service-learning has the potential to inspire meaningful communication, enable critical inquiry to be a natural outcome of course work, and invite surprises that can extend the required course work into desired life commitments.
These sources provided the necessary information to: (1) construct an overall portrait of required assessment and intervention course work in approved school psychology doctoral programs, and (2) identify leading programs with respect to required course work in these areas.
The hospital's pediatric advocacy training program, a required course for Packard's junior year residents, is determined that big-screen stars will light up a whole lot less in future films.
In fact, in most programs that include service-learning, many teacher candidates exit without any service-learning experience at all, due to the fact that service-learning is only offered in an elective course or in one of several sections of a required course.
Results showed at-risk student participation was nearly double the required course participation.
This approach was successfully used for the term project in an undergraduate organizational behavior course, which is a required course in most management degree programs.
At Eastern Illinois University, it is a required course for all business majors except MIS majors.
These include seminars on topics such as informed consent, privacy and confidentiality, beneficence, individual autonomy, scientific integrity, conflict of interest, allocation of scarce resources, and justice as well as a required course on Bioethical issues in Public Health and Health Care.
Students (N=27) attending a required course on multicultural counseling at a large Midwestern university were randomly assigned to one of two groups.