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a course that all students are required to take

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In addition to the new required courses, the CIS department has proposed a master's degree in Health Informatics and a minor degree in Data Science, aimed at students who are not necessarily CIS majors but who want an on-ramp into data science.
The required courses will be taught by a faculty of practitioners from REBNY member firms in addition to outside professionals.
Explore whether IS curriculum profiles exist based on required courses, elective courses, and adherence to the IS 2010 Model Curriculum Guidelines.
The steady decline indicates that the money-saving strategies college stores are implementing to keep required course materials as affordable as possible for their students are having a positive impact," said Julie Traylor, NACS' chief of planning and research.
Following required course placement, retention and student success has continued to grow.
Wartburg Theological Seminary at least tried to fulfill the spirit of the "law" by means other than a required course.
Currently, science carves out the smallest portion of a student's required course load.
JPM: There will now be a required course curriculum for both the CPM and ARM credentials.
Florida State's Colloquium is a required course for all residents of Cawthon Hall and includes a Service Learning Activity as one component.
The required course, Introduction to Catholicism, will be cotaught by a professor of religious studies and a professor of literature.
Like other Beijing ninth-graders, Zuo Yilu, 15, dutifully takes notes for his required course in politics: Private property is bad.
In addition to completing a required course of study, financial planners must agree to a specific code of ethics in order to be certified.
To complete each required course, candidates must pass a two-hour objective exam.
The study, Student Watch(TM): Attitudes and Behaviors toward Course Materials: Spring 2015 shows that average annual spending by students on required course materials has dropped from $701 in 2007/2008 to $563 in 2014/2015.
If a required course is no longer offered at the time a student can attend, she will not be able to take that course, and may choose not to continue her education at LCC.