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Synonyms for requiem

a song or hymn of mourning composed or performed as a memorial to a dead person

a musical setting for a Mass celebrating the dead

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a Mass celebrated for the dead

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In Requiem, a new three-part series on S4C, singers and composers from Wales and beyond will be discussing the origin, development and the future of the requiem, along with powerful and sensitive performances that will bring to life some of the world's greatest requiems.
COFIO, dathlu, dychryn a choffau; mae ffurf gerddorol unigryw'r requiem yn ennyn llu o ddelweddau ac emosiynau gwahanol a hynny ers dyfodiad y requiem gyntaf nol yn y canol oesoedd.
THE Mozart Requiem is rather like a London bus: you wait for ages, and then three of them come along at once.
I have resumed work on the Requiem, interrupted for many months for obvious reasons, and I hope to bring it to a satisfactory end.
Unlike many imposing Requiem Masses, composed as monuments to people who have died, Gabriel Faur's is gentle and serene, sometimes described as a "lullaby to the departed.
com)-- On Sunday, December, 1, at 8:00 PM, over 80 musicians will perform a stunningly beautiful requiem in the sanctuary of Bethlehem United Church of Christ on Fourth Street, in Ann Arbor.
A GWYNEDD omposer has written a requiem for the Foreign Ministry of the Czech Republic to mark the 40th Anniversary of the protest suicide of a student.
Given the strength of Shaw's acidic convictions, it's doubtful even the magnificence, ambition and professional sheen of the Salisbury Singers' performance of the Requiem Saturday night at St.
No requiems but this one, a worshiper of your grace and beauty and divine creation does swear - I will not forget your tragic passing this night and many more in prayers to the Great Spirit that this madness which has destroyed you will come to it's own end and soon.
Llandaff Cathedral Choral Society (LCCS) will be teaming up with Meeta Raval for a performance of Brahms' German Requiem.
As Holy Week approaches, two requiems dominate concert activities over the next few days, one of them almost totally neglected, the other one born in a recent blaze of publicity.
Although composers Wolfgang Mozart and Einojuhani Rautavaara had death on their minds when they wrote their requiems, Eugene Symphony Orchestra conductor Giancarlo Guerrero insists their works are life-affirming.
At the Trocadero Palace for the 1900 Exposition, Faure's quiet, subtle, and unassuming vision of death's calm release, in character the exact opposite of the dramatic, awe-filled Requiems of Hector Berlioz and Giuseppi Verdi, was performed by a full orchestra and mixed chorus - a total force of 250 performers.
The Requiems of Mozart and Verdi evoke worlds of terror and transcendent bliss.