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Synonyms for requiem

a song or hymn of mourning composed or performed as a memorial to a dead person

a musical setting for a Mass celebrating the dead

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a Mass celebrated for the dead

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REEPY is the word I'd use to sum up the introductory episode of Requiem, BBC One and Netflix's Welsh-filmed supernatural drama, and I have to say I'm hooked.
Byline: Verdi's Requiem Liverpool Philharmonic Hall By JOE RILEY
La plegaria brota del coro de 20 voces y cuatro solistas que, por primera vez en la historia, presentan al aire libre y con acceso para todos, en el Parque Hidalgo de la delegacion Azcapotzalco, el maravilloso Requiem de Mozart, para dar inicio a las festividades tradicionales del Dia de Muertos en la localidad.
Faure's Requiem is perhaps his most popular piece of music.
Published posthumously by friends of the author after his death in a cycling accident, this collection combines both original poems and translations with Hoyt Jacobs's translation of Anna Akhmatova's Requiem playing a large role.
K Cineplex cinemas in Nicosia and Paphos are getting ready to present a screening of the Legends Requiem Concert under Herbert von Karajan's direction, which was performed at La Scala in 1967.
To be received into St Mary's Church Harborne on Tuesday 17th November at 4:30pm with Requiem Mass Wednesday 18th at 12 noon.
While Requiem and Lucien have opposite appetites -- Lucien is a writer and Requiem is a racketeer -- everyone within the mining town "share[s] the same aspiration: money and sex.
Winning the annual Harper Lee Prize for Legal Fiction in 2013, following prior winners John Grisham and Michael Connelly, confers honor enough to warrant recommending Paul Goldstein's Havana Requiem.
REMEMBRANCE, celebration, fright and commemoration; the very first requiems composed in the Middle Ages evoked a myriad of images and emotions, and the requiem continues to have the same effect on listeners today.
En su temporada 2014, por Semana Santa, se presento la obra de Metastasio dirigida por Maricela Lara, Requiem para Jesus Crucificado.
MORE than 50 ships and 65 musicians gathered at Souter Lighthouse to perform the Foghorn Requiem together with the Lighthouse's foghorn itself.
THE Mozart Requiem is rather like a London bus: you wait for ages, and then three of them come along at once.
I have resumed work on the Requiem, interrupted for many months for obvious reasons, and I hope to bring it to a satisfactory end.
com)-- On Sunday, December, 1, at 8:00 PM, over 80 musicians will perform a stunningly beautiful requiem in the sanctuary of Bethlehem United Church of Christ on Fourth Street, in Ann Arbor.