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Not all government records, the classified ones, can be made available to a requester.
In the ILO's study, one Turker told of a requester who had blocked her "after I sent him an email suggesting politely that he could pay a tiny bit more for the work he was asking people to do.
The term "commercial use" in the fee provisions of FOIA has been interpreted by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to mean any "use that furthers the commercial, trade or profit interests of the requester or person on whose behalf the request is made.
To balance the load among the service provider and service requester we construct a markov process according to the arrival of the requester node and service time of the server in the system.
It sparks the imagination: What if other government agencies put this type of information out there, allowing everyone to see what they hold in their file cabinets, what they deem secret, what they redact and don't redact, what other requesters have coaxed them to reveal.
Built-in Packet Analyzers of RMN and TMN extracts the header information and passes this information to firewall to prevent the packet entry from unauthorized requester until the session expires.
TME Field Requester supports any browser on any mobile device including iPhone, iPad, and all Android based phones and tablets.
Meanwhile, at the Millbury Police Department, where a requester two months ago was ultimately denied the log after first being told certain information would have to be removed, the log was also sitting on the counter in a binder one day last week.
To my knowledge, the impact of the odor worn by a requester on compliance to a request in the specific foot-in-the-door paradigm has not been explored to date.
In addition to a web-based editor for designing HITs, Amazon Mechanical Turk reportedly offers sample templates to help Requesters get started (Requester is a term for users that want to get work done).
they went out and asked scores of people in the requester community what kinds of problems they were having with FOIA," said Pete Weitzel, coordinator of the Coalition of Journalists for Open Government.
For a nominal fee, $25 to $60 encountered during this case, the city will provide detailed information or the entire stale-dated check list to any requester.
If we have the data or know who has, we will make every effort to help the requester.
Under the status quo, says Dalglish, agencies are able to deter FOIA requests by withholding documents, waiting for the requester to run up a hefty legal bill, and then (if the requester seems likely to prevail) voluntarily releasing the information before court proceedings begin.
The Sleeping "No": Remind the requester that you have the choice to accept or decline by asking for thinking time overnight.