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In October, a requester sought "aggregate ACT scores in reading and English and the aggregate SAT reading and writing scores for student athletes participating in football and basketball.
A system has to ensure responsible use of data, protect privacy of research participants, and treat "all qualified data requesters and trial sponsors evenhandedly" requiring both generators and requesters to work according to the same rigorous scientific principles.
Meanwhile, at the Millbury Police Department, where a requester two months ago was ultimately denied the log after first being told certain information would have to be removed, the log was also sitting on the counter in a binder one day last week.
Jurisdictions also could consider mandating that reissued checks be mailed to the original company, rather than directly to the third-party requester.
Slowly, in a way similar to that of the basic translation memories themselves, pre-translated replies would travel back to the requester, some in form of perfect matches, most of them in form of fuzzy matches.
The Sleeping "No": Remind the requester that you have the choice to accept or decline by asking for thinking time overnight.
There is no direct charge to the requester for copies of Pare 55-19, but it's important that those who really need them receive them to help conserve government resources.
Other breaches of FOIA include refusing trade reporters entrance to press conferences and denying the waiver of fees in those cases when the requester meets the public interest test or falls within certain other categories covered by FOIA.
All requests are confidential, and the requester is not identified to the manufacturer.
WS-SecureConversation will describe how a Web service can authenticate requester messages; how requesters can authenticate services; and how to establish mutually authenticated security contexts.
Friday's, she thinks that Jennifer Dockery of Canoga Park, the requester, will be pleased with the version she sent along.
Mike Kmetz, president of IDES, "With one click of a mouse, multiple requests for information or quotes are broadcast to sellers, who, in turn, respond to the requester with information.
When the web site sends back the requesting pages, the firewall accepts them and then forwards the information to the original requester.
Circuit Court of Appeals, which last June declared unconstitutional a California statute prohibiting the release of addresses of people who have been arrested if the requester plans to use the records for "commercial purposes.