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The tea reputedly helps the body digest fatty foods, while boosting the metabolism and reducing cholesterol levels, and also is rich in antioxidants.
He reputedly complained to President Kennedy that he did not understand why the New York Times had described him as arrogant.
This school is located in a reputedly under-privileged area and has regularly performed well up to the expected performance criteria of Ofsted, and I for one fully appreciate the efforts of Mrs Todd and her teach-
Emerald Bay State Park, on the southwest shore of Lake Tahoe, is reputedly one of the world's most photographed places.
1917: Femme fatale Mata Hari, reputedly a double agent in World War One, in the pay of both France and Germany, was shot by the French on espionage charges.
In 2001 Elyse Metcalf, the owner of a Cincinnati store that sells porn videos, was acquitted of obscenity charges, despite the city's reputedly conservative community standards.
Ferus" includes the thirty-two Campbell's Soup Can paintings Warhol showed at the gallery in '62; Blum kept the Soup Can works together for himself and eventually presented them in 1996 to the Museum of Modern Art as a partial gift, reputedly receiving a cool fifteen million dollars in the bargain.
Pinchas Zuckerman, music director of the National Arts Centre's resident orchestra, reputedly threatened to resign if NAC management offered the 2,000-seat opera house as a venue.
Visitors will be led through the reputedly haunted St Donats Castle.
Sir, I refer to your item (Post, April 12) about the dressing table mirror reputedly the former property of Captain Smith, of the ill-fatedTitanic.
Since that time newspapers and especially CBC radio have carried regular reports on the so-called Cornwall conspiracy, reputedly involving prominent members of the Catholic clergy.
The youngster was back in the side after being axed a fortnight ago, reputedly for being caught laughing on the coach returning from Everton's League Cup dismissal at Bristol Rovers.
He was unseated from his mount, Conrad, when leading at that point on the first circuit in 1839, the first running of the Grand National, and reputedly took refuge in the brook under the fence.
In an interview with that political never-was Gyles Brandreth, the Duke had a wonderful opportunity to put a positive gloss on his reputedly hostile relationship with the Princess of Wales.
Historical diamond production by garimparos in the Chicoria Creek area, which straddles the adjoining Permit 213 and Mining Concession 214, has reputedly produced diamonds in excess of 200 carats in size.