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in a reputable manner


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Besides avoiding the usual cliches on the matter, it puts a whole other shade to the darker aspects of Beirut's reputably vibrant nightlife.
professional and reputably solvent perception to the outside world.
This is true not only because it experienced the highest levels of economic growth in the developed world, but also because the Japanese political system reputably produced enlightened macroeconomic and industrial policies that allowed it to be a model of political stability.
It is often best that clinicians rely upon reputably sourced web-based assessments.
Found at Sangiran on Indonesia's Java Island, the jaw is the oldest reputably dated example of "Java Man", the Homo erectus type originally discovered in 1891.
Wind capacity potential is reputably high throughout the country, with a technical wind potential of 6-7GW.
I am still amazed at how advanced their in-built radar system is as they so swiftly manoeuvre around every obstacle - even though their eyesight is reputably poor.
It was in the last time trial of the season and on reputably the fastest 10-mile course in the country, Levens in North Lancashire.
Chan debunks such common myths as it being too difficult to write a book, too expensive to publish a book, it being necessary to sell through bookstores to be successful, needing an agent to become reputably published.
In 1932 - a decade after Howard Carter set the 1920s on its own mad course of Egytomania, Charles Boreux, a curator at the Louvre, offered to the museum, on behalf of a reputable dealer in antiquities, a head of Nefertiti, reputably the most beautiful woman ever known in the ancient world.
In the sciences, for instance, before we can see for ourselves we are told by reputably reliable witnesses that things are such and such.
The Blacksmiths Table restaurant is a popular choice, and is reputably haunted by a highwayman among other spirits, and its owners host wine-tasting dinners, live music and cater for private functions such as weddings and christenings.
His selection of Seattle police chief Gil Kerlikowske, reputably a progressive and a proponent of community-oriented policing, as director of the U.
Instead, Posey placed responsibility on rumors in the community that "Cocking and his friends were aiding and abetting the circulation of a report to influence public sentiment in his favor, in derogation of the character of his murdered wife, who was reputably known to be a pure woman.