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honorableness by virtue of being respectable and having a good reputation

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Anthony Fitzsimmons, chairman and founder of Reputability, who was presenting the "Roads to Ruin" research at the conference, advised that the first step is to recognise the problem: there is a huge hole in most risk maps.
Objective 1 is to achieve industry-wide reputability as a producer of quality education products.
Not all goods and services are commodities, since many recognizably differ from each other along dimensions such as quality, brand name, reputability of the supplier, or the relationship between the supplier and purchaser.
As a result, the ESI approach holds a gold standard of scientific reputability in the major social work fields of practice, including child welfare, mental health, and substance abuse treatment.
He said that Ukraine considers Syria as one of the most important and influential countries in the Middle East, hailing its reputability on the international arena and its pivotal role in the regional and international arenas.
The lucid, direct style of the essays and the transparent documentation of authoritative sources attest to the reputability of the authors and the skill of the editor, Colum Hourihane, who directs the Index of Christian Art at Princeton.
This network can be utilized to: (1) provide an access to new ideas and resources that support the entrepreneurial process; (2) obtain credibility and reputability through collaborating with reputable partners; (3) share knowledge and promote learning; and (4) provide support from other entrepreneurs going through similar phases.
If visitors expect to find information and the content is out of date, a site will lose reputability.
Product quality, reputability and the ability to provide customers with total maintenance, after-sales and technical support are expected to help the manufacturers gain a strong presence in the market and will also help generate repeat business.
Another student, Monty, brought an important point to my attention when he wrote, "I had to consider the reputability of the source I was using.
An especially pertinent section here looks at the need to evaluate Web sites' reputability when looking for health-related resources.
Acquiring information is one thing; validating the reputability of its source is another.
While this should not discourage you from buying internationally, it is worth taking an extra five minutes to assess the reputability of a website.
75) is a means of gaining reputability which characterizes the majority of wealthy individuals.
Consumers should beware that these deceptive practices are to their detriment, and that they should research the histories and reputability of not-for-profit corporations with the same care and vigor that they research a for-profit entity.