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Synonyms for repurchase

the act of purchasing back something previously sold

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buy what had previously been sold, lost, or given away


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The research focused on what was defined as "completed repurchase plans," one in which the firm announced and later repurchased at least 50 percent of the shares authorized for the program.
99-58 considered whether the repurchase plan violated the COI requirement, because the acquiring company might repurchase shares that had been issued to a target shareholder.
A stock repurchase reduces the number of shares outstanding.
Under the agreement, RCAI has until March 30, 2007 to repurchase all of the Notes.
In order to surrender Notes for repurchase pursuant to the tender offer and put right, a repurchase notice must be delivered to The Bank of New York Trust Company, N.
Under the repurchase program, announced in November 2005, the Company was authorized to repurchase up to $750 million of its Class A common stock during the period November 2005 through December 2006.
The repurchase price for the shares will be the Fund's net asset value per share as determined at the close of regular trading on the Taiwan Stock Exchange on December 29, 2006 or, if the Taiwan Stock Exchange is not open on December 29, 2006, then at the opening of the New York Stock Exchange on December 29, 2006.
PBG remains committed to returning cash to shareholders through a combination of share repurchases and dividends.
Our share repurchase program continues to represent an important part of our capital allocation strategy and an efficient and flexible way of returning value to shareholders," said President and CEO Bob Sasser.
Orbital intends to use the net proceeds from the sale of the notes, together with cash on hand, to repurchase its outstanding 9% senior notes due 2011 and to fund the above-described share repurchase.
The accelerated repurchase program is subject to a future purchase price adjustment at completion of the program when Polaris may receive, or be required to pay, a price adjustment based on an adjusted weighted average price as defined in the agreement with Goldman.
HAMILTON, Bermuda -- Aspen Insurance Holdings Limited ("Aspen") (NYSE:AHL) (BSX:AHL BH) today announced it has agreed to repurchase approximately $156 million of its ordinary shares, representing approximately 5.
NEW YORK -- Third graph, third sentence of release should read: Repurchase proceeds will be paid on or before January 5, 2007 (sted January 5, 2006).
NEW YORK -- The Taiwan Greater China Fund (NYSE:TFC), a diversified closed-end registered investment company listed on the New York Stock Exchange (the "Fund"), announced on November 8, 2006 that its Board of Trustees had determined that the Fund will offer to repurchase up to 5% of the Fund's outstanding securities in the Fund's third semi-annual repurchase offer.