repulsive force

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the force by which bodies repel one another


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As the sample keeps moving towards the tip, the contacting time increases and repulsive forces are exerted on the tip.
At this point, the van der Waals attraction between the two bubble surfaces exceeds the repulsive force resulting in coalescence.
However; alkali or dispersant or both are always added to test soil suspensions to ensure that there is a net osmotic repulsive force between the negatively charged clay particles.
Magnetic fields, or naturally occurring lines of attractive or repulsive force that radiate between Earth's north and south poles.
It treats the potential energy of interaction between colloidal particles as being the sum of van der Waals attractive force and double layers' repulsive force as explained above.
And it is only getting harder as the term "special interest" gathers the kind of totemic, repulsive force that "Mason" once held in American politics.
Astronomers are increasingly confident that they have detected the first strong evidence that the universe is permeated by a repulsive force, Rudy Giuliani.
Provided that neither the attractive nor the repulsive force overwhelms the other, and that the attractive force works over a shorter range than the repulsive force, it turns out that any random initial distribution of businesses, no matter how even, will self-organize into a set of regularly spaced business centers.
Previous crowd simulations treated people like electrons, which avoid collisions because of a repulsive force that depends on the distance separating the particles.
Inside the superconducting solenoid magnet, the diamagnetic repulsive force on the flies can be large enough to just balance the force of gravity so that they levitate with no support.
It slows down the process, allowing scientists to measure dark energy's repulsive force.
The bending of electrospun jets dues to mutual repulsive force between the electric charges transported by the jets [11, 12].
The repulsive force is opposed by attractive forces operating in regions of particle overlap.
Supernova measurements led to the discovery of dark energy, the repulsive force that's accelerating the expansion of the cosmos.