repulsive force

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the force by which bodies repel one another


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it is fed by the same current, so that an electrodynamic repulsive force also occurs between them.
Hence, inter-particle repulsive force to adjust particle number density can be reduced.
Now the BOSS project is helping us to use the universe's primordial sound waves as a huge standard ruler to measure the properties of this mysterious repulsive force.
The repulsive force, which is the main concept of the PFM, is a combination of the respective subrepulsive forces of all the individual surrounding obstacles, as defined by (7).
Taking natural external force and natural repulsive force as the core, this mechanical worldview points out that the natural external force is the energy field of the universal space, having contraction and aggregation as natural property.
The 23-centimeter-long tape pieces produced the greatest repulsive force when charged.
The sighting is the first finding of an ambitious survey that will help astronomers place better constraints on the nature of dark energy, the mysterious repulsive force that is causing the universe to fly apart ever faster.
Gravity tends to pull matter together into dense concentrations, but dark energy acts as a repulsive force that slows down the collapse.
The normal force in magnetised sheets is a repulsive force due to the electromagnetic interactions between primary and secondary currents.
Figure 8 (b) shows that the maximum repulsive force exerted on the CD tip end is about 360 nN.
Durham's work in the field of astronomy and astrophysics includes research into dark energy - a repulsive force that counteracts gravity in the universe; research into dark matter, which makes up the vast majority of all mass but is made up of unknown matter; the discovery of links between small and super-massive black holes; and large-scale computer simulations charting the evolution of the universe.
The non-ionic surfactants generate steric repulsive force that repels the bubbles, and prevent them from coalescence.
The layer of water on the coating surface provides the repulsive force that prevents attachment of barnacles, bacteria, diatoms, and tubeworms.
Dark-energy prospectors concluded from a study of ancient supernovae that the mysterious repulsive force was at work in the universe as soon as 5 billion years after the big bang, which would tend to undermine theories holding that dark energy was an attractive force in the early universe.
Scientists called this something "dark energy" and suggested that it supplies a repulsive force that causes the universe to expand outward with increasing speed.