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Synonyms for repulsive

Synonyms for repulsive

Synonyms for repulsive

offensive to the mind

possessing the ability to repel

so extremely ugly as to be terrifying


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The Worm's hole appeared to breathe forth death in its most repulsive forms.
And now, when the question of voting had come, this repulsive fact told more strongly against Mr.
Here she squatted, a most repulsive and uninteresting queen; though doubtless quite as well assured of her beauty and divine right to rule as the proudest monarch of the outer world.
The coming of Tarzan had aroused within La's breast the wild hope that at last the fulfillment of this ancient prophecy was at hand; but more strongly still had it aroused the hot fires of love in a heart that never otherwise would have known the meaning of that all-consuming passion, for such a wondrous creature as La could never have felt love for any of the repulsive priests of Opar.
That they were repulsive and uncanny she could not forget, but if they meant her no harm she could, at least, overlook their repulsiveness.
Poor, hideous, unloved, unloving monsters--they gave up their lives for the daughter of the man who made them the awful, repulsive creatures that they were.
Either fact were enough to make them repulsive," replied the girl, "but it is the fact that they were without souls that made them totally impossible--one easily overlooks physical deformity, but the moral depravity that must be inherent in a creature without a soul must forever cut him off from intercourse with human beings.
The place is filthy, the surroundings are repulsive, not to add degrading.
I know it is, and I try not to be; but people praise me, and I can't help liking it, for I really don't think I am repulsive.
I quite agree with you; and in order that you may be still less repulsive, I want you to grow as fine a girl as Phebe.
Always he pined for Momaya--shrewish, hideous, repulsive, perhaps, she would have been to you or me, but to Tibo she was mamma, the personification of that one great love which knows no selfishness and which does not consume itself in its own fires.
Instead of Bukawai came the repulsive head of a hyena.
And we must keep smiling faces and be friendly with him no matter how repulsive it may be.
The liberal party said that marriage is an institution quite out of date, and that it needs reconstruction; and family life certainly afforded Stepan Arkadyevitch little gratification, and forced him into lying and hypocrisy, which was so repulsive to his nature.
There was a remarkable contrast between this man's occupation at the moment, and the expression of his countenance, which was singularly repulsive and malicious.