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It was a mere quarter of a mile across that open, but the thought of venturing out in it was repugnant.
If (which Heaven forbid) the middle classes ranged under the banner of the opposition should succeed in overthrowing those social superiorities which are so repugnant to their vanity, another struggle would follow hard upon their victory.
Graham, I did not like them a bit the better for it - or Eliza Millward either - and the thought of meeting them was the more repugnant to me that I could not, now, defy their seeming calumnies and triumph in my own convictions as before.
From his hands he washed every trace of the repugnant scent of the Gomangani, and from his face the blood of the kid.
I have asserted, that true honour and true virtue are almost synonymous terms, and they are both founded on the unalterable rule of right, and the eternal fitness of things; to which an untruth being absolutely repugnant and contrary, it is certain that true honour cannot support an untruth.
This fortune was a great boon to him; for, though he might have made millions of dollars by exploiting two or three of his chemical discoveries relative to new processes of dyeing, it was always repugnant to him to use for his own private gain the wonderful gift of invention he had received from nature.
To me there is something repugnant in merely striking a man with one's naked fist--faugh
And woe unto me if I could not laugh at your marvelling, and had to swallow all that is repugnant in your platters!
So far, there is nothing particularly repugnant to our prejudices in the conclusions of the behaviourists.
She had come to believe almost his theory of the future, since it was not repugnant to her prejudices.
It is impossible that any vessel constructed on principles so repugnant to science can be safe.
I repel the proposition, as repugnant to nature, and as treason to science
Your cold and sullen temper, which chills every breast about you, which turns affection into fear, and changes duty into dread, has forced us on this secret course, repugnant to our nature and our wish, and far more foreign, sir, to us than you.
Chief executive Peter Lawwell said: "It is a poisonous, repugnant, despicable and cowardly campaign against a man unable to defend himself.
Rather than stack the deck against bad guys in order to justify their extended punishment, he figured making all of his characters ethically repugnant in one way or another would challenge audience expectations.