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Then I frame the issue in terms of antimarket bias and discuss how that bias could relate to repugnancy costs associated with market transactions.
FBR letter further referred to Article 143 of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan which says, "If any provision of act of provincial assembly is repugnant to the any provision of an act of Majlis-e-Shura (Parliament), which is competent in enact, then the act of parliament shall prevail and the act of provincial assembly shall, to the extent of repugnancy, be void.
Other Islamic provisions include compulsory teachings of holy Quran, Islamiat and encouragement to learn Arabic, commitment to promote institution of Zakat, organize mosques and Auqaf, removal of repugnancy between the existing laws and the holy Quran and Sunnah.
108) Note that the language only speaks to withdrawing from the case on this repugnancy ground and does not directly address the issue of declining the representation in the first place.
stated that 'the critical notions of repugnancy and incompatibility are insusceptible of further definition in terms which necessarily dictate future outcomes'.
Still, each of these items retains its essence of moral repugnancy in the nation's social consciousness, as resounding majorities describe each of these behaviors as morally wrong.
Hauert, supra note 15, at 165 ("The repugnancy of deodands resulted in our Founding Fathers rejecting the institution as part of American common law.
The spokesman told the North's official media mouthpiece, the Korean Central News Agency, that the sanctions show America's "inveterate repugnancy and hostility toward the DPRK," referring to the North's official name, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
5) The issues explored throughout this paper are very special (and extreme) instances of repugnancy costs.
The Foreign Ministry spokesman said Kerry's statement, based on "sheer lies and groundless data", is another "undisguised expression of the US inveterate repugnancy and hostile policy toward the DPRK".
83) Further, a kind of "colonial repugnancy clause" has been noted throughout the Settlement Commonwealth, (84) wherein competing claims are reconciled not according to their normative foundations but as an application of minimum standards of "civilization" and "normalcy".
Nonetheless, eventually 'his repugnancy to leave his property apart from his title had overcome all resentment towards Alfred, inducing him when dying to relent and make a will in his nephew's favor' (ibid.
36) Many states have statutes similar to the Uniform Act, which include a repugnancy to public policy exception.
In addition, the Talmud clearly enunciated the right of the wife to sue in cases of fault, including such grounds as provable repugnancy and impotence.
Certainly, it fits well with Justice Sharpe's focus on the repugnancy of the defendant's conduct in Jones, and with the link that he clearly draws between that wrongful conduct and the imposition of an obligation upon the defendant to make reparation.