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rejecting emphatically

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The justice had black-gray hair and a squinty, repudiative face.
Each reconstructive president meets "an ever thicker government that can parry and deflect more of their repudiative thrust.
In contrast to his acronymic predecessor FDR, LBJ lacked the necessary repudiative warrants against a "preexisting regime," warrants "wholly affirmative" proving again inadequate when the "disruptive force" of Johnson's programs was felt (pp.
And Johnson may have been brought down not just because he lacked the repudiative "warrants," as Politics maintains, but because the 1964 landslide victory over Goldwater fostered an illusion that there were "affirmative warrants" available for major policy departures (instead of Johnson being only the temporary beneficiary of post-assassination consensus and Goldwater's very limited appeal).
Yes, Lincoln did seek the broadest possible coalition at the outset of his presidency, and he pressed his repudiative warrants only gradually and under pressure, but as these nuances fit quite closely the larger pattern of reconstructive politics described in the other examples, in what sense do they amount to a "counter case?