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To advance business strategy in India, Bitdefender has chosen RS Computer as the only authorized republisher, particularly for the small office/home office products, tapping its network of distributors, sub-distributors and re-sellers.
35) This presumption would allow republication of news without liability when a republisher meets certain criteria, regardless of the type of medium involved, unless the republisher acted with actual malice.
However, such customers and vendors may still have an independent cause of action against the republisher based on breach of contract for any damages suffered.
1980) ("Any different rule would permit the expansion of a defamatory private statement, actionable but without serious consequences, into an article reaching thousands of readers, without liability on the part of the republisher.
LEC's OEM and republisher partners include Cross Language and LogoVista in Japan, Topics Entertainment in North America, Avanquest and Softissimo in Europe, and Babylon.
a developer of PC system recovery software and CD/DVD content replication solutions, today announced a partnership with Avanquest, an international software republisher, to distribute FarStone software titles through an Electronic Software Download (ESD) License Agreement.
Acclivity (dba MYOB US) acts as exclusive US republisher of the award-winning MYOB small business accounting and management software line for Macintosh and Windows platforms (www.
As a software republisher, it has made many successful alliances with foreign partners including Sun Microsystems, IBM, and Buena Vista Games.
Acclivity will act as the exclusive US republisher for MYOB products and services as of December 5, 2005.
The historian Adrian Johns describes the lively market for reprinters in early America, importers and republishers of British material under copyright.
Nothing new here but, with the advent of self-publishing and lazy republishers, otherwise good stuff puts itself beyond reach because no-one has bothered to tag it properly.
Hemera images and image collections are also available worldwide through sales channels that include retailers, licensors and software republishers.
The Republishers of abstracting/indexing and full-text CD-ROM databases must feel increasing pressure from the online players who've introduced a policy of unlimited use for a flat monthly or yearly rate.
A timely and sufficient correction or clarification made by a person responsible for a publication shall be considered a correction or clarification made by all persons responsible for that publication, but not republishers, except that a correction or a clarification that is sufficient only because of the operation of Section 5(b)(2)(iii) shall not be considered a correction or clarification made by the person to whom the statement is attributed.
In the "old" media, distinctions between primary publishers, secondary publishers, and republishers were clear, and attributing inaccurate, false, or defamatory information to a specific source was relatively easy.