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revive (a cancelled will or a libel)

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BEIRUT: The controversial new rent law was republished in the official gazette.
The book is to be republished to celebrate the centenary year of the diary.
Some pieces have been republished in the local newspaper, the South Bend Tribune.
Thirty-six essays published between 1965 and 2001 have been revised, rebaptized with new titles, and republished in the volumes under review.
The distinction is important because if an article is republished, the statute of limitations on lawsuits begins with the republication date rather than with the initial publication date.
Sidney Smith's epitaph on Pitt is republished in an abbreviated form to show present Edinburgh how it has forsaken old prejudices and principles; a lesson to us all to be moderate in denouncing others: "To the Right Honourable William Pitt, whose errors in foreign policy and lavish expenditure of our resources at home have laid the foundation of national bankruptcy, this monument was erected by many weak men, who mistook his eloquence for wisdom and his insolence for magnanimity, by many unworthy men whom he had enobled, and by many base men whom he had enriched at the public expense.
Salinger's writing reputation is so great that it was considered major literary news when, earlier this year, it was revealed that one of his old magazine stories would be republished in book form.
author of "The Bank Book" (HarperCollins), has announced that his book has been plagiarized and republished under the name "Cash In On The Banking Crisis.
Jiang said, "One would expect the pursuit of truth to be a goal for all scientific publications, and yet you and JOEM have so far refused to release its copyright and allow the study to be republished elsewhere.
As a result of campaign by a US Air Force historian an early work by author Roald Dahl entitled The Gremlins is to be republished.
Sixty years after the verdicts delivered at Nuremberg, in the first of many trials, Stars and Stripes has republished a booklet titled, "These 21.
As long as improvements to the core software module are republished to the open source community, no license fees are required.
We regret this error, and have republished the corrected press release below.
Michael Kilbourn, of Kilbourn Associates, is a nationally known Estate Tax and Asset Management expert whose book, "Disinherit the IRS," was recently updated and republished to reflect changes affecting taxpayers from the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001.