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Synonyms for republication

something that has been published again

the act of publishing again

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In support of that ruling, the district court first reasoned that: a common thread of traditional republication is that it presents the material, in its entirety, before a new audience.
Those who argue in favor of republication of the book - which is banned in several countries, including Austria and the Netherlands, but has long been freely available in many others, such as the U.
Darcy's tweet does not count as a republication of her original
BEIRUT: The Landlords Association called Wednesday for the republication of the new rent law, after the Constitutional Council rejected its existence over the weekend.
Also included in this addition is an appendix containing correspondence between Berlin and the editor about the republication of the essays, an interview Berlin gave about the book, a short general summary of Berlin's philosophical views prepared for a dictionary of philosophy, and a few additional pieces that throw additional light on Berlin's philosophy.
It originally appeared in 1979 to great acclaim: its republication today attests to its ongoing successful message about opportunities, money management, and successful investing, and will make an inspirational pick for any reader or business collection.
Bavaria owns the copyright to Mein Kampf and has banned any republication of the Nazi leader's book, the Daily Star reports.
With the recent republication of William McIlvanney's Laidlaw, crime fiction in Glasgow has seen a welcome return.
Prior to his appointment as MBA president, the younger Williams was active in local Republication politics, serving in the Washington state legislature during the 1960s.
However, a comparative analysis of the two opinions illustrates that the SCC's use of American precedents in reaching its decision actually symbolizes the wide divergence between the two countries on the legal treatment of republication.
David Simmons, Maitland Republication believes that Citizens Insurance has far too much exposure, leading to concerns of the impact in case of a shortfall or failure.
According to the notice Khawaja Asif is legally liable for each instance of the publication, republication, broadcast, re-broadcast, and receipt communication and reporting of the defamatory material uttered along with false allegations.
The result isn't just another republication of Poe classics, but a steampunk interpretation of Poe that adds a completely different perspective to his classics.
brings back to the Thayer Memorial Library his research and republication of Mary Rowlandson's Book, putting it in modern context to make it readable for today's citizens.
In response, Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) recently launched two new services: the Permissions Acquisition Service and the Republication License.