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the political orientation of those who hold that a republic is the best form of government

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In his oration, which was posted on Facebook, Co Tyrone man Mackey said: "In these changed times we must invoke the courage and commitment of volunteer Alan Ryan and his brother Vincent to help us grasp the nettle of change that is now required of Irish republicanism.
Their topics include regime, law, and statesmanship in ancient republicanism; Montaigne and modern republicanism; the foundations of Locke's defense of political toleration and the limits of reason; Alexis de Tocqueville's new science of politics; and Tocqueville and Abraham Lincoln on modern republicanism.
Through the analysis of notions of space, time, and soul, I describe how the reason of Argentinean republicanism was deeply entangled with Catholic narratives shaping a specific republican citizen.
theories proffered to perfect various conceptions of republicanism with
In this new book, the author rejects both the idea that Machiavelli was a mere enthusiast of Roman republicanism and that he abandoned his republican principles in order to ingratiate himself with the Medici.
French republicanism can and did mean many things to many people: in the late nineteenth century, its ideals were embraced by Communards and by their bitter opponents, a story with colonial consequences of its own in the form of overseas political deportations.
Without God, how else could one explain the Continental Army's defeat of the better-equipped British, or the fact that American republicanism flourished while French republicanism failed?
Republicanism and Responsible Government: The Shaping of Democracy in Australia and Canada, by Benjamin T.
CELTIC chief executive Peter Lawwell moved to distance the club from Irish republicanism yesterday, sparking a huge Twitter debate.
In what manner did his writing engage with an activist republican agenda and with a realist Renaissance republicanism in the 1520s?
Arguing that while the study of English republicanism has sought to establish connections between it and America, its relationship upon the continent and likewise continental influences on England have been neglected and should be considered.
Socialist republicanism emerged in Ireland long before James Connolly (as the work of Vincent Geoghegan has well demonstrated).
In particular, Ferguson recognized that the drive of Roman republicanism to conquest and imperialism, a drive praised by Machiavelli, was in fact not only endemic to all republicanism, but also more of a danger under modern commercial conditions.
Adrian Grant, Irish Socialist Republicanism, 1909-36 (Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2012, 240 pp.
Techno-economic approaches don't bring about enduring social change; the ethico-individual approach assumes that individuals can and will act independently towards a common end; green republicanism assumes that all people are freely able to act; eco-authoritarianism may suppress openness; and deliberative democracy expects rational engagement with ideologically dictated issues.
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