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Such a charge, if substantiated, can lead to a range of consequences, from a reproval - a confidential agreement that includes monitoring of the educator by the state for a period of time - to revocation of an educator's license.
Lying by lawyers, especially those in expensive suits, is tolerated without reproval if done with the appearance of earnest sincerity.
Too often the rebukes delivered to poets working and poetry written within literature departments have an implicitly moral reproval behind them, though one that keeps the nature of the offence ambiguous.
Yet among the people who knew him in the hang-loose '60s, there was not a moist eye in the house Thursday, or a word of reproval.
110) that points to the fact that the recitation of texts which actually belong to the category of "secret knowledge" was not the object of reproval or punishment.
In the original ending of the poem, the speaker ends by contrasting the labor of the natural world to the slacking gypsies ("The stars have tasks--but these have none"), but in the revision the note of reproval is objectified in nature itself, as the narrator reports a mode of "[l]ife which the very stars reprove" (23), observing those who are naturally and essentially different, who are indeed "[w]ild outcasts of society