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Adult boll weevils prefer the reproductive structures, where they feed and lay eggs and where the larvae develop to pupal stage (Showler, 2004).
Individual plant biomass and the number of the rosettes producing sexual reproductive structures and vegetative growth structures both increased with density.
For the histological evaluation, male reproductive structures were fixed in aqueous Bouin's solution.
To determine duration (in days) of each floral stage, any damaged capitulum was replaced by another healthy reproductive structure at about the same stage of development, so that further stages could be followed.
Although no article was submitted on this topic for publication, we can offer a few remarks, A strict definition of inflorescence as a aggregation of flowers eliminates possession of inflorescences from all nonflowering plants, However, if an inflorescence is more loosely defined as a cluster or aggregation of sexually reproductive structures, one can then look for homologies between flowering and nonflowering plants.
The litterfall accumulated in the collector was harvested every month and manually sorted into different fractions: leaves (including leaflets and petioles), branches (including bark and other woody parts), reproductive structures (flowers, fruits and seeds), and miscellaneous material (which could not be precisely identified).
We concluded that the floral structures in helobial monocotyledons might have evolved from a primitive multiaxial reproductive structure that became modified in different ways.
It is quite likely that each of these reproductive structures will be found to be associated with one type or another of Icacinoxylon wood, and discovering connections or associations between a particular type of wood and reproductive structure or leaf type is needed.
Although tied umbels did not experience a reduction in the size of the reproductive structure, total fruit mass per umbel was still lower than that of control umbels [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED].
The first thing you notice about a flowering voodoo lily is its elaborate reproductive structure.
Moreover, at low plant densities, kernel set in the first ear could be limited by spikelet morphogenesis (Edmeades and Daynard, 1979b; Ruget, 1989), which suggests low dry matter partitioning to that reproductive structure during a period bracketing flowering.
We have identified several curious differences in male external reproductive structures between black perch and other embiotocids.
tenuiflorum was harvested by clipping stems at soil level, but all other species were excavated to collect underground vegetative reproductive structures.
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