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To determine duration (in days) of each floral stage, any damaged capitulum was replaced by another healthy reproductive structure at about the same stage of development, so that further stages could be followed.
Although no article was submitted on this topic for publication, we can offer a few remarks, A strict definition of inflorescence as a aggregation of flowers eliminates possession of inflorescences from all nonflowering plants, However, if an inflorescence is more loosely defined as a cluster or aggregation of sexually reproductive structures, one can then look for homologies between flowering and nonflowering plants.
Previous studies of reproductive structures in the helobial monocotyledons (Alismatidae) indicate that partitioning between flower and inflorescence is not always clear (e.
As a consequence, it is usually impossible to link the fossil wood specimens to other plant parts, such as leaves or reproductive structures.
Either horizontal stems or rhizomes, were characterized by the presence of small structures, tend to be white (Whitish), and pea-sized, formed as a distension at the end of those stems, representing tubers which is one of the means of vegetative reproductive structures of Hydrilla.
Yet whatever the arrangement of the taxa, a perennial complaint is that either there are not enough high-quality color photographs, or the wonderful photographs are of flowers when the plant I hope to identify has fruit or no reproductive structures at all.
Shoot number may vary due to disproportionate allocations of energy to non-reproductive and reproductive structures as a reaction to changing environmental conditions.
Paired testes are the second most apparent male reproductive structures (Figure 4).
Chapters focus on foliage feeding insects, bark and ambrosia beetles, large cambium and wood boring insects, sucking and gall insects, shoot and regeneration insects and those of tree reproductive structures and of wood in use.
The social amoebas then mix uneaten bacteria into reproductive structures that release spores complete with starter kits for planting a new food patch, Brock and colleagues report in the Jan.
She offered possible explanations for these results: The compensatory growth phase could be interfering with the development of reproductive structures.
Grain legumes generally undergo considerable abscission of their reproductive structures during flowering and fruiting stages.
Although the present material consists of hundreds of specimens, definite reproductive structures have not been revealed yet.
These species present a high risk of becoming invasive when they possess few resident natural enemies, exhibit rapid establishment and growth rates, tolerate broad environmental variation, and produce large quantities of easily dispersed seeds or vegetative reproductive structures.
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