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Synonyms for reproduce

Synonyms for reproduce

to make a copy of

to produce sexually or asexually others of one's kind

Synonyms for reproduce

have offspring or produce more individuals of a given animal or plant

recreate a sound, image, idea, mood, atmosphere, etc.

repeat after memorization


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To find out more about reproducing car remotes in Omaha or to learn about any of Carl Jarl's auto, home or business services, contact the company directly.
However, in the context of a historic structure, an opinion of market value using the cost approach is sometimes difficult to determine because of the inherent ambiguity associated with reproducing a substitute property of a historic structure.
The schools on our fourth listing, published in this issue, have established themselves, in the eyes of the more than 1,800 black higher education professionals surveyed by LaVeist, as the best in the nation at reproducing great social and academic experiences for African American students.
An indexing system is defined as "a system that permits the identification and retrieval for viewing or reproducing of relevant books and records maintained in an electronic storage system.
While each of these narrative strategies succeeds in foregrounding the race mother's role in reproducing racial and sexual borders, Doyle indicates that the "intercorporeal" narratives provide the most significant rethinking of the split between the material and the intellectual worlds.
01(8) provides that the taxpayer must provide the IRS with the resources necessary for "promptly" locating, retrieving, reading, and reproducing on paper any imaged documents, but does not hint at what distinguishes "prompt" from "not prompt" action.
It is only among the more complex, sexually reproducing organisms that death enters the picture as a regular phenomenon.
These qualities are complementary as well; for example, the color plates devoted exclusively to reproducing samples of the document allow the reader a sense of the different hands and inks present in the original.
Reproducing even a small portion of a work can still be problematic if the "heart" of the work is taken (Harper & Row Publishers, Inc.
Unless your original agreement specified that you were purchasing the free-lancer's copyright, reproducing it elsewhere is probably a copyright infringement, explains Revelle Gwyn, an Alabama-based business attorney who specializes in copyright and technology issues.
It was infested with multiple cankers that contained asexually reproducing fruiting bodies.
com/research/22rslj/2013_worldwide) has announced the addition of the "2013 Worldwide Software Reproducing Industry-Industry & Market Report" report to their offering.
Mildew fungi detected on afflicted host plants have only successfully reproduced sexually every few centuries, primarily reproducing asexually instead," Wicker said.
Researchers haven't been sure whether symmetrically reproducing organisms ever grow old.
So if prospective parents want to shell out thousands for a one-in-a-million chance at reproducing a child with Cindy Crawford's beauty mark or Imam's lanky body, then let them have at it.