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  • verb

Synonyms for reproduce

Synonyms for reproduce

to make a copy of

to produce sexually or asexually others of one's kind

Synonyms for reproduce

have offspring or produce more individuals of a given animal or plant

recreate a sound, image, idea, mood, atmosphere, etc.

repeat after memorization


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Whether the machine operates on its own or under the control of a central system, it handles different recipes, ejection intervals and biomass yields, as well as the SIP and CIP phases, easily and reproducibly at the push of a button.
The challenge is to move beyond the initial discovery of potentially useful profiles, to decide what subset of the elements in the profiles needs to be measured, to confirm that the profiles are robust and can be reproducibly measured and to evaluate the clinical utility of the profiles.
2 kelvins, the researchers came close to their goal of reproducibly moving one electron with each clapper oscillation.
Affymetrix' DNA chip technologies and products will allow RPR researchers to accurately and reproducibly monitor changes in expression patterns of thousands of genes simultaneously to identify their association with disease progression or drug response," commented Ray Jupp, PhD, head of molecular biology, Asthma/Inflammation, and Chair of RPR's Genomics Task Force.
Accordingly, ingenious techniques have been developed for instantaneously and reproducibly volatilizing the molecule in the instrument.
The grant complements QR's study in mildly cognitive impaired (MCI) patients and shows that in all systems tested: tissue culture cells, AD transgenic mice and MCI patients Posiphen reproducibly has the same effects.
Tiannan Guo, co-author of the publication, said: "In our study, we found that PCT-SWATH could efficiently and reproducibly measure thousands of proteins from minute and diverse tissue biopsy samples.
This will be achieved by utilising microcavity arrays generated via standard nanosphere lithographic approaches and reproducibly introducing additional nanostructures via plasmonically directed growth.
Washington, October 21 (ANI): Scientists have succeeded for the first time in specifically and reproducibly manufacturing smallest optical nanoantennas from gold, which would lead to new high-speed data networks.
The Company's patented technology provides an innovative platform allowing clinicians to simply and reproducibly assess CMI.
Henningfield says animal research has reproducibly and quantifiably demonstrated nicotine-induced compulsive -- indeed, addictive -- behavior, beginning decades ago.
ArthroCare's patented Opus[R] technology allows surgeons to affix tendons and ligaments to bony structures efficiently and reproducibly, without the need to tie knots.
This research is in its infancy and needs to be developed so human synthetic retinae can be produced efficiently and reproducibly from patient-specific stem cells.
Consequently, it may be difficult to find the contaminating pathogen if the sample preparation method cannot reproducibly and effectively extract or identify the pathogen's biomolecules from the food sample prior to testing," he added.
The Cell Biosciences system can measure cell signaling proteins reproducibly in as few as 25 cells.