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  • verb

Synonyms for reproduce

Synonyms for reproduce

to make a copy of

to produce sexually or asexually others of one's kind

Synonyms for reproduce

have offspring or produce more individuals of a given animal or plant

recreate a sound, image, idea, mood, atmosphere, etc.

repeat after memorization


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The process is now well below the 10% concentration needed to reproducibly clean boards.
Analytical methods for nanostructure characterization -- Adapting existing analytical tools or creating new tools (chemical, mechanical, electrical, optical, or magnetic) that accurately and reproducibly measure and characterize the complex nanoscale architecture and composition of wood and wood-based lignocellulosic materials.
Making adjustments via the serial link can be advantageous for multi-unit applications so that all parameters can be quickly and reproducibly set.
Our patented technology allows Clinomics to accurately, reproducibly and rapidly produce tissue microarrays using frozen tissues, and all the time the tissue samples remain frozen.
The unit measures channel power of WCDMA signals accurately and reproducibly in a single sweep.
This work is focused on developing the means to perform nanometer-scale surface modifications reproducibly and to develop new metrology methods for calibration and characterization on the nanometer scale.
Historically, it's been difficult to disperse them efficiently and reproducibly," says Hickey.
Scientists' goal was to investigate whether a preheated product, subjected to two pressure pulses, would reproducibly result in commercial sterility.
Then, from experience with the particular mixer in the factory, to draw the dotted limit curves of figure 2, which give rubbers promising satisfactory operating conditions and consistency of product when reproducibly vulcanized.
The key tests of a machine's ability to control flow rate or fill time reproducibly are load sensitivity, fill-time consistency, position-cutoff consistency, and shot-size consistency.
With Cellario, any laboratory technician can run complex processes simply and reproducibly.
In conjunction, the Excelsius GPS system is designed to minimize radiation exposure, streamline workflow and reproducibly assist in implant placement, concluded the company.
We require the capability of depositing metals, oxide and nitrides using automated deposition sequences reproducibly depositing layers with thicknesses down to below one nanometre thickness.
The geometry is optimised for a safe placing onto the specimen and the coating or material composition can be measured reproducibly.
In addition, the re-capper ensures that each screw cap is reproducibly tightened securely and uniformly.