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the quality of being reproducible

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Measurement variability can be divided into repeatability (equipment) and reproducibility (operator) errors.
In the GR&R calculation, the sample or part variation is included as a correction factor to the reproducibility.
1) The MicroArray Quality Control (MAQC) Project shows interplatform reproducibility of gene expression measurements; Figure 1 and Figure 2.
Split Sample * Lymphocyte response assay LRA by reproducibility tests ELISA/ACT (# of foods out of 236 tested) Identical Results 97.
The present experiments of the VCN spin resonator interferometry gave the interference visibility with satisfactory reproducibility for each of single and twin resonator setups.
The RSM evaluated transfer efficiency and reproducibility at 20 kV, 30 kV and 40 kV; at 0 cm, 1.
As with any other diagnostic technique, practical application of circulating DNA technology is dependent on concurrent increase in the sensitivity and reproducibility of molecular based-assays.
These include wavelength accuracy (using two different lamps), wavelength reproducibility, resolution, stray light, photometric accuracy, photometric reproducibility, baseline flatness, baseline stability and noise.
We also evaluated 31 healthy volunteers to test the reproducibility of our assessment methods.
The correctness of rough lumber sizes depends on the saw set-up, the sawing variation, and the reproducibility of the sawing process.
The NIBEMT foam stability tester is designed to meet the need for an objective method of foam stability testing, while giving good reproducibility.
The patented silicon batch process achieves yield and reproducibility.
Recently, however, the reproducibility of the assay has been questioned by investigators who found that 13 of 35 cervical specimens that were tested and then retested with the assay showed great variability in absorbance values (11).
Because Lieber can now, with "fair reproducibility," control the size of the nanocrystals created on a tantalum diselenide surface, he and his team can investigate the effect of confinement on the distribution of electrons in nanocrystals and on other physical characteristics important for determining potential applications.
Science Exchange, in partnership with the open-access publisher PLOS and open data repository figshare, announced today the launch of the Reproducibility Initiative (www.