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an audio system that can reproduce and amplify signals to produce sound

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And although women actively participate in nation-building processes as cultural/biological reproducers, their agency is often appropriated by patriarchal constructs (Wilford 14).
The Donica range of Digital Media Reproducers allows for a plug and play replacement to ageing IFE video tape machines which are becoming increasingly difficult to maintain and source the necessary media for.
Darren worked as a graphic reproducer in a printing firm and Nina was in the HR department.
Within the movement of mimeisthai, the relation of the mime to the mimed, of the reproducer to the reproduced, is always a relation to a past present".
The success is surprising for a variety of reasons: the principal one that Murphy, an Oxford-educated Anglo-Irishman, might not be expected to be the most obvious reproducer of a local language, as he readily concedes himself.
In fact, her incapacity and even refusal to regard her mother as a victim or at least as a product of Brazilian patriarchal culture, makes her a reproducer herself of the negative (misogynist) aspects of that culture.
The proletarian is a reproducer reduced to his capacity for work.
Experts enhanced the properties of the soundboard with an amplifier and reproducer and the result was the instrument known as the Elektrochord.
The system, which includes a verifier, key punch, accounting machine, reproducer and sorter was installed some two years ago.
That Titian was a prolific reproducer of his own work is widely known; this painting is likely to have been created as a ricordo--a record of a piece made by the artist to facilitate later copies.
Showing slides of homes owned by a collector and reproducer of 18th-century Swedish antiques, Flores-Vianna said this style resonates strongly with Americans because of its simple, unpretentious and relaxed nature.
This little job is about as omni-directional as a speaker can get, and the design has the potential to make it absolutely ideal as a surround-channel reproducer.
Harriet eventually accepts a stable position in the England's national community and assumes an important role as the future reproducer of the nation's population.
Adam was the first asexual reproducer, Eve might just have been his biological clone.