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an audio system that can reproduce and amplify signals to produce sound

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The Authority will decide the period for which mandatory licenses are conceded for each situation, mulling over the 'incubation periods70 and other significant components and will likewise give due thought to the interests of the plant reproducer.
villosus population consisting of 1000 relatively short-lived adults with a reproducer type life history (Donaldson, 1995b).
Reproducer, 4 inches in diameter, the largest ever made.
As the sole reproducer in a colony, ant queens are traditionally considered lone figures.
Darren worked as a graphic reproducer in a printing firm and Nina was in the HR department.
With the appearance of WSSV, the Marine Shrimp Laboratory of the Federal University of Santa Catarina has followed strategies in reproducer maintenance in the super intensive system, named Zero Exchange, Autotrophic and Heterotrophic System (ZEAH).
When I write, I am a pointillist joining up the dots of what I have discovered, not a reproducer of those sources, and when you step back and view them from the distance of a story it makes for a picture of greater depth and perspective.
They can be passive because they are not critical, but they are active because of their reproducer role.
If I am a marginal oral reproducer (I won't call this "reading," as no comprehension is required), you force me either to become the fool or to act the fool.
The system, which includes a verifier, key punch, accounting machine, reproducer and sorter was installed some two years ago.
That Titian was a prolific reproducer of his own work is widely known; this painting is likely to have been created as a ricordo--a record of a piece made by the artist to facilitate later copies.
Showing slides of homes owned by a collector and reproducer of 18th-century Swedish antiques, Flores-Vianna said this style resonates strongly with Americans because of its simple, unpretentious and relaxed nature.
Unlike the innovator, who is prone to experimentation and challenging existing best (or normal) practice, the reproducer is largely reliant upon other firms to develop new knowledge.
Furthermore, they make a distinction between reproducer and innovator firms to label differences among entrepreneurs and the types of organizations they found.