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Synonyms for reproduce

Synonyms for reproduce

to make a copy of

to produce sexually or asexually others of one's kind

Synonyms for reproduce

have offspring or produce more individuals of a given animal or plant

recreate a sound, image, idea, mood, atmosphere, etc.

repeat after memorization


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Expert readers can easily reproduce the 16 letters, not because the letters are individually remembered, but because they are reconstructed from previous knowledge of written English.
As mistletoe grows and reproduces, the shoots, flowers, and berries provide food for a variety of creatures.
Traditionally, a species is a group of organisms that share at least one unique characteristic, can interbreed to produce fertile offspring, and rarely reproduce with organisms of another species.
Currently approved anti-HIV drugs all work by blocking the ability of HIV to reproduce, but IBTs work in vastly different ways.
The state court decisions to which Lebovitz refers in support of a constitutional right to reproduce do not have the force of constitutional law throughout the country.
During an IRS examination, the taxpayer must be able to retrieve and reproduce electronically stored and machine-sensible books and records (including hard copies, if requested).
Grieving parents might want to reproduce a terminally ill child, suggested one; others want to give infertile couples the option to clone themselves.
While both Cane and Ulysses, for example, give a voice to the sexually transgressive mother figure, both novels ultimately reproduce the Romantic aesthetic, silencing and subsuming this mother figure into the (black or Irish) male voice.
Single-cell organisms reproduce by simply dividing into halves, each half becoming a distinct individual capable of further subdivision.
Thus, faculty authors were free to reuse their works later as book chapters, to update articles for republication, to reproduce them for distribution to the faculty member's own classes, and to make copies available to their colleagues upon request.
DLP, for instance, can now establish optimal processing conditions on one machine and then reproduce them on another machine when the mold goes into production.
When published, the photographs elicited requests companywide to reproduce the photos for a variety of other purposes -- from newsletters to corporate brochures.
The Large-Scale Tactical Document Copier consists of a wide-format copier than can reproduce area terrain maps and mission overlays up to 36 inches wide onto plain paper, vellum or clear film for the purpose of coordinating battlefield operations.
These establishments do not generally develop any software, they mass reproduce data and programs on magnetic media, such as diskettes, tapes, or cartridges.
elegans) that can reproduce either sexually or asexually choose to mostly reproduce asexually when they're healthy.