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Synonyms for reproduce

Synonyms for reproduce

to make a copy of

to produce sexually or asexually others of one's kind

Synonyms for reproduce

have offspring or produce more individuals of a given animal or plant

recreate a sound, image, idea, mood, atmosphere, etc.

repeat after memorization


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186 (1986)], in which it ruled that a right of privacy does not protect homosexual acts, would rule in favor of a right to reproduce by means of cloning.
If the author has transferred all rights to the publisher, then he or she must contact the publisher to seek permission even to reproduce and distribute the work to the faculty author's own classes or to adapt the work (such as through a new edition).
In this case, the Community for Creating Non-Violence had commissioned an artist to create a sculpture and reasoned that since it had paid for the sculpture, it could reproduce the piece on postcards, posters, etc.
When their diverse offspring encounters a new threat, the ones genetically equipped to deal with the threat thrive and reproduce more, thus adapting the gene pool of the entire species.
Note that a server might issue only a few codes, which could reproduce into millions if the code owners and their business or social networks wanted that many.
Be able to retrieve and reproduce electronically stored books and records and provide the Service with the resources necessary to locate, retrieve, read and reproduce any electronically stored books and records;
These silences are particularly frustrating because Mallmann and Paul's extensive look at regional and local level archives would have provided an opportunity for a more nuanced discussion of how the Nazis moved from theory to practice in the administration of policies affecting those destined to reproduce the "master race" and those whose sexual practices made them a threat to the "racial state.
An extraordinary amount of meticulous research has gone into each of the volumes, which actually propose to reproduce every broadsheet published in Germany in the seventeenth century.
97-22 applies to taxpayers who maintain books and records using an "electronic storage system," defined as "a system to prepare, record, transfer, index, store, preserve, retrieve, and reproduce records by either: 1.
Bluefin tuna, for example, take from 5 to 8 years before they reproduce, and various rockfish take from 13 to 28 years.
Other antibiotics, like tetracycline (te-truh-SY-kleen), which is used to treat acne, cripple the bacteria's ability to reproduce.
Taxpayers that use an imaging system must also provide the Service, either at the time of an audit or for periodic testing of the taxpayer's compliance with the revenue procedure, with the resources necessary for the IRS to promptly locate, retrieve, read and reproduce on paper any imaged document.
On the other hand, aging seems to occur universally in organisms that reproduce asymmetrically, for example, those whose offspring start out smaller than the parents.
If you really want your art to be subversive, it must be a form of art, which doesn't reproduce the Big Cultural Lie.