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rejection by God

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severe disapproval

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31) A notable deletion is paragraph 7 of the Savoy and WCF, which explains reprobation.
It distinguishes 4 dimensions: Support (11 items), Punishment/Coercion (7 items), Overprotection/Control (5 items) and Reprobation (7 items).
The treatise is partly based on "The Reprobation of Profane Love," the third part of Andreas Capellanus' medieval classic De amore.
James is scarcely alone in his reprobation over America's movement from its Republican era to a brave new imperialist age, when his confidant Henry Adams remarks that "Rome was actual; it was England; it was going to be America" (qtd.
This idea resonates with public relations practice in that not all organisations are able to position themselves or others in particular ways, or at particular times; a position defines what is 'socially possible without incurring reprobation or punishment' (Louis, 2008: 22).
The three 1945 Spanish translations transform Isabella's self-justification in such diverse ways that Austen's implicit reprobation fades out: the translations, in fact, incorporate extra advice for female readers, warning them, in different degrees, of the consequences of flirting:
Dans le deuxieme volume de la Theologique, Balthasar reviendra encore une fois sur le meme argument, dans un chapitre qui doit etre considere comme decisif pour cette finale de la Trilogie, parce qu'il contient le reprobation de la theologie dialectique de Hegel qui, avec Plotin, avait ete l'adversaire principal que Balthasar vise dans sa pensee theologique.
C'est la periode de reprobation plus ou moins forte, a fondement moral et politique.
Of sinful meditation; O'er which Omniscience cannot pass Without stern reprobation.
Concentrating these broader tropes of indeterminacy in a specific language of grace and reprobation, Measure for Measure investigates predestinarian theology and its attendant forms of cultural judgment as an epistemological problem.
C'est seulement parce qu'elle est une transgression passive et active des normes et valeurs communes qu'une maniere d'etre suscite la reprobation ou la repugnance.
President Francois Hollande's office expressed "profound reprobation," saying the spying violated the privacy of French citizens.
Again, Arthur's terms of reprobation turn into memorable characters and scenes in Evelyn's novels.
In chapter four, "On Predestination," the author parts from Calvin by limiting predestination to the Elect who are to be saved, but specifically rejecting Calvin's doctrine of reprobation, that some human beings are fated or predestined to be damned (71).