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Synonyms for reprobate

Synonyms for reprobate

to feel or express strong disapproval of

Synonyms for reprobate

reject (documents) as invalid

Related Words


abandon to eternal damnation

express strong disapproval of

deviating from what is considered moral or right or proper or good

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Its narrative follows the evolution of the two protagonists, Predestined and Reprobate, as they travel from Egypt toward the New Jerusalem.
Alex Hassell's Hal is not wholly unlikeable but there's something of the notorious Bullingdon Club (that Oxford gathering of reprobate posh boys) about his goading of Falstaff, his intellectually inferior drinking buddy.
I have often wondered how the British Empire survived its various permutations, family crises, monarchs without heirs, monarchs with too many heirs, mad heirs, Stuarts, Tudors, Hanoverians, Windsors, Whigs, Tories, Catholics, Protestants, that old reprobate Henry VIII and his daughter, Elizabeth -- who dithered grandly for many years.
She dumped Pete after finding out he had an old conviction for assault, so replacing him with his reprobate brother Ross is jumping out of the frying pan and straight into the fire.
Since the play's most prominent potential reprobate is the subject of multiple theatrical reversals of spiritual expectation, the cumulative effect is not to show playgoers' assessments of Angelo's soul to be wrong, but to render all such judgments uncertain.
The source said that people of Oman didn't want him to perform there and he was called a reprobate and words like debauchery and Harm, which in Islam means a sinful act that displeases God, were used.
I reprobate this crime and call upon all Tunisians to show responsibility in the face of any form of political violence," Mr.
That week also saw the trial of another unhinged reprobate who, during his trial, grabbed a baby through the rails of the dock and kissed it many times while it''s mother sobbed and wailed, pleading for him to stop.
Reprobate Alex Hopper (Taylor Kitsch) enters into a career in the US Navy and manages to become a lieutenant, however his plans to marry his sweetheart - Sam Shane (Brooklyn Decker) - are put to the test since he must convince her father, an admiral in charge of the Pacific fleet, that he is a worthy match.
Perhaps his title is a bit misleading because Stubbs could be said to "un-reprobate" these reprobates over the course of his long presentation.
Tedashii has a song titled Identity 3 in which he raps about both the elect and the reprobate.
The central character James does not start off as a reprobate.
A sickening reprobate nicked my coat in a Manchester bar last week and the opportunity to meticulously scour roughly 76,212 Mancs (I know, most of them are from Suffolk, etc) for my beloved jacket is far too good to pass up.
But the star of Aardman's darker side is Angry Kid, (pictured) a snot-nosed reprobate with a serious attitude problem.
The event was a reprobate downbeat photographic exhibit entitled Futureopolis, which did not even pretend to offer up any explanations for its content or orientation.