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Synonyms for reproach

Synonyms for reproach

to cause to feel embarrassment, dishonor, and often guilt


words expressive of strong disapproval

an implied criticism

Synonyms for reproach

disgrace or shame

express criticism towards

References in classic literature ?
But the reproach was the unendurable thing; the one thing worse than parting with her was, that she should feel he had acted unworthily toward her.
As if I shouldn't feel what happened to you--just the same," she said, with reproach of another kind,--the reproach of love, asking for more trust.
He dreaded to utter another word, he dreaded to make another movement, that might provoke another reproach or denial from her.
I want you not to meet that man here, and to conduct yourself so that neither the world nor the servants can reproach you.
In the areas of marketing, media, accreditations, and event organisation, I can say with a clean conscience that I have absolutely nothing to reproach myself for.
The resolution of transgressions in close relationships often depends on how victims reproach offenders and how offenders explain.
Righteousness exalteth a nation - but sin is a reproach to any people.
Maybe we need more time for elections that are beyond reproach," he said.
In their case of course they have had the common sense to resign their outside role in favour of being above reproach in the future representation of the people who elected them to the Assembly.
But of far greater importance is the principle at stake here: namely that Assembly Members should be seen to be absolutely beyond reproach in the way they conduct themselves.
The Government itself is, by its own judgment, beyond reproach, so how can we possibly offend or usurp it by our complaints?
Many reproach automobile manufacturers for having identified too late the trend towards fuel efficient cars - that was not the case for BMW.
O'Brien said: "The sad reality is the vast majority of politicians have given support to various attacks on human life with apparent lack of reproach from conscience.