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repeat an earlier theme of a composition

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com/flash-season-3-spoilers-robbie-amell-returning-ronnie-raymond-2451023) Robbie Amell is reprising his role as Ronnie Raymond in an upcoming winter episode of the show's Season 3.
There were reports about Paul having a serious talk with Vince Gillian, the creator of "Breaking Bad" and "Better Call Saul," about the possibility of reprising his Pinkman role.
However, there is no information yet on Bryan Cranston reprising his role.
Catch her reprising her role as the voice of Grandma Fa in the upcoming, direct-to-video ``Mulan II.
There could be a script for an ``Exorcist'' prequel with Max Van Sydow reprising his role as Father Merrin.
To save humanity, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Edward Furlong - reprising their roles from the original film - take on an evil corporate behemoth and its army of deadly machines.
Matter of fact, the Knightsbridge is reopening its popular production of ``Jane Eyre'' on Saturday with Wendy Obstler reprising her portrayal of Charlotte Bronte's long-suffering heroine.