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Synonyms for reprint

a publication (such as a book) that is reprinted without changes or editing and offered again for sale

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a separately printed article that originally appeared in a larger publication

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print anew


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The reprint of "The Tomb-Blossoms" in the Independent appears to be the same version of the tale as that published in The Dallas Morning News (Dallas, TX) The Galveston Daily News (Galveston, TX), The Salt Lake Tribune (Daily, Salt Lake City, UT), and the Rocky Mountain News (Denver, CO), on October 23, 1892.
As mentioned above, McGill attempts to equate reprint culture with political power, but she never explores, even briefly, the ways in which many treaties and legislative initiatives made their way through Congress, not as a result of popular pressure, but because of secret influence and bribery.
But more than taking something old (selling reprints) and making it new, the online reprint business also presents some new opportunities - - such as charging consumers for making photocopies of articles (instead of losing revenue when they do it themselves); charging for Web links to an article (which are typically made for free); and easily allowing other Web sites to republish articles for a fee (instead of having a human staff member deal with permissions).
Thanks to his tutelage, I can qualify as a reprint editor anywhere.
Reprints of articles published in Real Estate Weekly are available, as well as the granting of permission for readers to make their own reprints.
Commercial Reprints (orders of 500 or more): Contact Lenore Chance at Publishers Custom Reprints, 1-800-256-8271.
Cost and Health Care Quality - An excellent reprint of an article comprising virtually the entire chapter outlines ways to account for the costs (prevention, appraisal, failure - internal or external) of quality.
Griswold says Foster Printing has been involved with reprints since the late 1950s.
The service relies on Reprint Desk's trusted publisher relationships and top-rated service for delivering content in a copyright-compliant manner.
28) The appearance of "Death in the School-Room" in the reputable journal no doubt increased the chances that other newspapers and magazines would reprint the story.
In this reprint, Wright discusses scholars' contributions to the contemporary search for Jesus (termed "the third quest") by analyzing how their studies answer five key questions that investigate Jesus' relationship to Judaism on the one hand and the early church on the other.
Fortunately, as one of the first volumes of Mercer University Press's series entitled Baptists, this reprint of James Rogers's biography of the Baptist giant provides a good introduction to Furman and his work.
Readers can also submit requests for custom reprint bids.
George Turberville, in "Disprayse of Women that allure and loue not," monishes men to ignore all lovely temptresses: "Wherefore let be our care / Vlysses trade to trie: / And stop our eares against the sounde / of Syrens wi they crie" (61r; reprint, 151).
com's automated copyright permissions and reprint clearinghouse.