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an agent that represses


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It also identifies the specific complex of proteins that promotes degradation of the repressor proteins.
The c1 gene codes for a repressor protein that binds to P1 DNA.
The tetracycline would interact with the repressor protein, keeping it from interfering with production of recombinase.
Regulation of the cholinergic gene locus by the repressor element-1 silencing transcription factor/neuron restrictive silencer factor (REST/NRSF).
Proteins called repressor proteins keep the OPCs in an immature state.
Each chromosome would also receive a repressor trait inactivates the seed-lethal construct the other chromosome.
RstC and RstR appear to form intracellular aggregates that prevent the repressor from binding to its operators.
In addition, the tet operator/repressor system can be used to engineer cis- and trans-destructive viruses which are capable of replicating in the presence of the tet repressor, but not in the absence of the repressor.
Hounded out as the principal repressor and tormentor during Nepal's pro-democracy movement of 1989, Shrestha now charges the proponents of the multiparty system with bringing the country to near ruin in the past decade.
We identified a repressor protein in the clock and found that by removing this protein, the brain clock function was surprisingly improved," Dr.
We have demonstrated that pairing a ZF DNA binding protein to the transcriptional repressor Kruppel-associated box enables in vivo, the transcriptional repression of one of the most abundantly expressed gene in mammals, the human rhodopsin gene (RHO).
A repressor of tumor growth, p53 normally initiates a DNA repair program that is supposed to induce programmed cell death to stop or slow down tumor progression.
In 1952, mathematician Alan Turing proposed mathematical equations for pattern formation, which describes how two uniformly-distributed substances, an activator and a repressor, trigger the formation of complex shapes and structures from initially-equivalent cells.
Our lead products are designed to specifically block the binding of the transcriptional repressor complex PRC2 to individual lncRNA regions, thus inducing the expression of the associated target gene.
Argentine newspaper Clarin reported that Molina, when contacted by Bielsa, admitted having taken Suarez Mason from his home and said he did so at the request of Ruben Chiriboga, an octogenarian friend of the former repressor from times when Suarez Mason was a military attache in Ecuador.