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Synonyms for repressive

Synonyms for repressive

serving to restrain forcefully


Synonyms for repressive

restrictive of action

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But she said media practitioners here rather than focusing getting an act before the legislature to repeal the repressive Act they were much more concern about whether she would have sign it or not.
On that note, Rights groups have repeatedly accused former army chief and now President al-Sisi of repressive policies that stifle dissent in the media and politics, as well as the use of torture by security forces.
He added that the Israel Prison Service had tightened their repressive measures against the hunger strikers through solitary confinement, transfer of prisoners between prisons, and denial of family visits.
This work presents original research detailing the impact of repressive Soviet policies on daily life in Belarus during the period from 1944 to 1953.
Thousands of activists were jailed, killed or went missing during Marcos' repressive regime, which was ended by a people power revolt in 1986 that sent the dictator and his family into exile in Hawaii, where he died three years later.
As usual, the main target of those repressive measures was political opposition, with specific attention to the Muslim Brotherhood on one hand, and democracy-oriented social movements on the other.
The contract is for the supply and placement repressive radar devices and equipment necessary for their proper functioning to control the instantaneous speed of the users on the roads of Wallonia.
This decision taken in haste shows that the president of the IVD uses repressive means against any one who criticises her, he added.
According to the Commission, the prisoners burned several rooms in the old sections of the prison, as a form of protest against the administration's repressive actions towards them.
The government has been using nationality revocation as a political repressive tool.
It needs to show more patience and a greater understanding of the Uighurs, whose resentment emanates from a combination of the state's uneven modernisation strategy in a resource-rich region like Xinjiang, coupled with repressive measures.
To this point, she added, "we condemn these repressive and cowardly tactics -- this repressive and cowardly tactic and call for the release of all hostages.
On the other hand, depending on your geographic location, operators are increasingly labelled pawns and accomplices of repressive regimes wanting to stifle freedom of expression and monitor the movement of their people.
The 'Dance Again' singer, who was forced to apologise after serenading repressive Turkmenistan president, Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov, for his birthday late last month, for which she was reportedly paid $1.
They slammed Israel for its repressive Israeli policies for curbing the freedom of worshipping and recurrent assaults on Al-Aqsa Mosque and East Jerusalem.